Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's day....

Everyone is writing something about their mom's for mother's day. I wasn't going to join in, butI changed my mind.

Some of you have read about my mom in the past. She's 91 now and living in a care home after her Alzheimer (or dmeenz, whatever) got so bad, my dad couldn't care for her anymore. I visited her last October and was shocked at how she looked.... much thinner then I have known her the past years and, of course, she didn't know me or my son, who was also visiting. No, I won't add I picture.... they are too sad looking.

Anyway..... I have lots of good memories about my mom. She provided me with a happy childhood. My dad was in the navy and it was her job to take care of me and my two brothers all alone when he was away.

Here are a few pictures of her through the years......

1920 as a child...

1950 with me.... introducing me to coke!

1951 with my dad and older brother, Bob....

at my wedding, 1970..

my visit in 2009, the last time I spent time with her at home... she rarily knew who I was..

I really wish she could have gotten to meet her great-granddaughters. She was a great mom and grandma.

Love ya, Mom!!


  1. P.S. if you'd like to read her memories (which she typed for the first time on a computer when she was already over 80), follow this link:

  2. I remember these photos. What a handsome couple!
    Happy Mother's Day Dorrie!

  3. Not "was" a great mom. "Is" a great mom. You're fortunate to have such a wonderful lady in your life. Thanks for sharing. :)


  4. that's true, Scott..she is still alive after all. But somehow she's just not HER anymore *snif*