Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feeling Lost.....

... and not just in the blogging world. Lately I haven't been motivate to write or even read blogs. I check through facebook to see what people have jotted down, but in many cases it's just boring nonsense. Once in a while I'll leave a like or a comment..... feel honored! LOL

The internet in general bores me. I check a few of the flying foren I know but even they bore me. I used to enjoy doing layouts for people.... now there is no blogging home where I can do that. And of those who still write/blog,  I think only Pastor Larry still has the layouts I made for him, all others are either no longer there/deleted or have added one of the standard ones available.... even my own here is a standard one.

Another site I blogged on is going offline today. It was set up by two lovely ladies from JS and was just for ladies. I will miss it, even though there wasn't that much activity there.

I started a new blog at where one of JS's best writers, Wes, has been writing and getting lots of attention. But to attract readers I have to write more often. I just can't get the motivation *sigh*

Even at home I'm not motivated. Living alone, I do often have "dead" time, especially on weekends. But either I don't feel like getting something started, or I start and it doesn't go like it should. THAT is very demotivating! It starts with sewing dresses for the granddaughters to recording music for my dance class. *sigh*

I have gotten myself involved in 3 clubs in my hometown. I'm the type of person who needs the "pressure" of set times for stuff... and you can be sure I'm dependable. But when it's a question of "perhaps" doing something, more then likely I won't bother.

And then there's the disappointment with "friends" and family. I am tired of being the one to keep contact. I have gone out of my way to meet people.... even traveling to other countries to do so.  I love meeting people.

Why can't others contact ME for a change? It's especilly hurful when people who I thought were close don't even bother to read my blogs, or answer messages I sent... messages asking for explainations, or even small cries for help...... I feel ignored! I feel alone.....

I may delete this entry, but I needed to vent a bit......


  1. Flip the switch! Once the feeling of being "the only one that" takes hold, it is hard to shake.
    It could be others have felt that way, too, and maybe more often than not.
    I hope your spirits lift. It seems it can happen out of the blue like a light suddenly coming on and then you wonder why it seemed dark before. At least with me--constant battle.
    Maintaining the many activities and clubs is quite an accomplishment.
    Hope all goes better quickly

  2. thanks John! I'm just in a rut at the moment. Even the kids don't help (they have their own lives going on....and only call when they need me! lol)

  3. I think we all have our ups and downs, Dorrie. You're no exception. Instead of thinking about your quiet time as a hole in your schedule that needs filling, try thinking of it as a time to relax and enjoy YOUR OWN company. I wouldn't want to be with myself for days on end, mind you, but a few hours here or there is rather nice.

    I can see how you might feel others aren't doing their fair share of keeping you in their loop, but that's just the way life is these days...too much stuff to do, too little time to do it.

    And let's face it, NO blog site that I know of is as tight as JS was. Please keep writing and I'll keep reading. :)


  4. There will be no deleting...I've been feeling the same way, Its sad that I have to hear my sister is going to be a grandmother on Face book first, and the lack of privacy has kept me from blogging much...I miss JS!!!!!!!1

  5. I, too, will keep reading and you always grace me with a smile when I see your signature and lovely face. I, too, have my downs and there are indeed times when I drag msyelf through the days too. But I care what you do and who you are and always will. This, too, shall pass, my friend. Maggs

  6. thanks everyone. Your comments are GREAT motivation!

    Nitrous, I also get (rare) news of my USA family via facebook, no one writes me, ever. My brothers never write and even the facebook news has gotten less lately. I feel so left out!

  7. I'm terrible at blogging lately! I don't post near enough and never get many comments, which in turn means I post less. It's a cycle, lol. I don't read a lot of blogs either. We need a JS re-instatement! It's just too hard to find everyone when they are all over! Hugs.

  8. Westy - You are the glue that binds us together...

  9. Well, you know I've taken a break from facebook and this may be just what I needed to get me blogging and in touch with my old JS family.

  10. So, if you have lots of free time, let's see the German flag show up on the borders of MY blog, where I've dumped tens of thousands of words (and a very few pix) in recent days.

    Even the lady who loves me isn't reading it. God bless you Bobby!!!

  11. lol fin... sorry! I have noticed your entries, and did stop by at the beginning of your reports...honest I did! But lately I've concentrated on a few "problem" cases.....

  12. Well, I have reactivated and will be cruising around blogspot again. Maybe under a differnt name though. I had to get away from it for a while for certain reasons, but after 2 years of running away, I'm back.

    FB is boring me and I ran into someone from the old JS that wasn't good for me to find. So, maybe being around here will get my blogging juices flowing again. I have to find everybody again though.

    Hang in there, sis. ((HUGS))

  13. Hey-thanks for dropping by. I appreciate (because I am told so fairly frequently) that these entries are really LOOONG. And they have been edited down, too!

    Anyhow, I enjoyed seeing yer flag on my margin,