Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Heli of an experience...

Ok, just trying to be cute (refering to my title).

The helicopter was already busy by the time I got off the train (at 7:30 am) and within a half hour it was all done. The Swiss helicopter company are real professionals and we have done lots of business with them over the years. It was hard to get some real good pictures, but I tried....

Lifting the weights on a 110 m robe out of a narrow side street....

and setting it down on the roof...

There were 4 lifts all together.

Since the weather was perfect and few people on the streets so early on a Saturday morning, I took a stroll to take some pictures. Coming next entry... more old/new contrasts...(I love Frankfurt).



  1. I've seen this done from a distance, but I'll bet it was really cool seeing it "up close and personal". :)


  2. Indeed. Being that close certainly will get the adrenaline flowing a bit.

  3. Anita, I have been closer... but it's having some responsibilty in the whole deal that keeps the adrenalin up. I'll be glad to retire from it in 13 months! lol

  4. Dorrie the thirteen months will fly by. The countdown is on :-)
    COOL pictures!

  5. Amazing photo posts...I'd love to come visit...You know I bet you will miss it just a little but like Pastor Larry says the time will fly