Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old and New

As promised, here are some more pictures I took in Frankfurt. And as mentioned, I especially like the contrast between old and new.


This is the underground station where I got off the subway. The church on the left, Paul's, is famous for being the site of many important political decisions being made/signed.

Frankfurt has a huge cathedral... this shows some of the delicate workmanship.

and in front of the cathedral are remains from an old Roman settlement (maybe 2000 years old? I should google before I post heehee):

This is a view from those ruins toward the marketplace of the city hall. Notice the modern skyscraper in the background?

Another view of the marketplace...

and... once more the Paul's church with the skyscraper background....



  1. Quite a contrast between the old and new. We don't have buildings as old in my city, all less than 200 years. Lots of ugly new stuff, though :-)

  2. It looks so familiar! I want to see it all again....

  3. Nice. Not too much reading.

  4. Doug, yep... and we still have LOTS of that old stuff around!

    @Scribby... anytime, you will always be welcome!

    @Fin... LOL *wink*

  5. Love that first one. The difference in style is striking. And the statue in the marketplace square is very appealing, too. Very nice! :)


  6. Thanks, Dorrie :) I love to see different parts of the world. They are beautiful !

  7. @Scott..when I see the architecture I always think of you and think about how crazy you'd go over here! lol are most welcome!

    @Kate...glad you liked them! I love Frankfurt!

    @Bobby.... anytime! I always have a guest room waiting!

    I enjoy sharing my world with y'all... thanks for stopping by!

  8. God Dorrie those are so absolutely beautiful that they don't even look real. I LOVE them!!

  9. GE, you MUST come visit and see it all live! lol

  10. Nice pics, as always. I love the old style buildings.