Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthdays and half-timbered houses

Sorry, but I haven't felt like posting much recently... well actually, not for some time. I guess I've lost that blogging feeling!

Yes, once I was well known for my smilies... ah, those were the days!

Since my last post, my granddaughter, Shiana, celebrated her 4th birthday. Of course we had a party and, amazingly for April, great summer weather!

Shiana (4), Priyasha (2), and Emely (5)

Where does the time go? The kids are growing like weeds and getting cuter all the time.

As my facebook followers know, I'm now a tour guide in the town I now live in. I was one already back in the 80's so I just have to up-date myself. It's fun learning about the history. The town has quite a number of half-timbered houses which have been lovingly renovated. We have a church with a wood-carved altar shrine and a castle. Unfortunately we cannot at the moment enter the castle... it has been sold to some RUSSIANS who are renovating it for a hotel!! Needless to say, we are all curious about what they are up to and hope it will be good. They do have lots of regulations to observe so let's hope for the best. In the summer you can hardly see the castle because of all the trees around it.... this pic I took recently...

And here's an example of one of the houses...

Any of you interested in more pictures, just follow THIS LINK.

This weekend is the Easter Market in town and maybe I'll have more pictures to share.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Hi Westy/Dorrie ~ I just posted ( shock!) 4 minutes before you did!

    You are a tour guide ?? Awesome, you show 'em girl! You are perfect for a tour guide :)

    Happy 4th birthday to Shiana :) All the little ones look so cute. The cake looks so good, yum!

    Happy weekend ((hugs)) from Sunny ( that's me, hehe.)

  2. Hey Buddy - I miss reading about your life Via Journals. Facebook is not the same.

    Love ya,

  3. A castle into a hotel? Wow! That speaks volumes to where we're at as a modern society! Hope you're digging your new gig, Dorrie. Seems like a good fit.

    You enjoy YOUR weekend as well.



  4. Hoep the girls enjoyed their sugar high. Haha!

    Love the architecture. Thanks for sharing the link, too. You know I can't get enough. :)


  5. Amazing photos!

    And its okay to feel not inclined to write now and again, we've (especially me!)goes through those times (smiles).
    I just have one other thing to say......


    Hehe! Love yeah Westy!

  6. sorry for not replying sooner. As usual, I'm busy. But thank you ALL for the lovely comments! It's quite motivating.

  7. Hi Dorrie :) Well, I'm staying out of FaceBook and let's see if I get around the blogging world more. I have also not felt like blogging.

  8. Some day I hope to come to Germany! Lovely pics!