Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring is here!

For the past weeks we've been having marvelous weather.... and now, after some rain one day last week, nature is exploding!

This tree is outside my office....

and this one at a local airfield...


I often write about the fact that I have no time to do this, or that, or another thing. I work full time, teach dance twice a week, and just seem to be TOO busy! So, now.... what have I gotten myself into??

I joined a local women's group which is partly affiliated with the local government. They do lots of projects, workshops, etc. for women and family. Hmmmm, I "voluntarily" got myself voted into the board.

And.... once upon a time (between 1984 and 1992) I was a tour guide in the quaint town I live in. And now I'm one again! Originally I thought I'd do only the few English language once that get arranged... nope, I'm now on their regular schedule!

Oh, well.... it could be worse.... I could spend my days bored stiff!  

If you want to get some impressions of this littlem mediaval town.... just follow this link!

Enjoy the pictures..... I'm off now to celebrate Shiana's fourth birthday!! (time flies.... geeeez).



  1. Sounds like a full plate for sure, but I know'll somehow manage. And besides, sleep is SO overrated. :)


  2. Staying busy is good - if I sit down for too long I'm afraid my age will catch up with me!

  3. 85 degrees and sunny today in Paducah Kentucky! Im so ready for the warm weather! Hope yur weekend is going great!

  4. Dorrie, those trees are beautiful.