Saturday, November 6, 2010

Motivation.... and journalspace-revived

Our dear former JS'er, Bobby, made an entry about motivation and I could so relate to it, that I've decided to follow suit. Most of you know that I rarily write "philosophical" entries... mine are usually fun or family with lots of pictures, and at one time LOTS of smilies! Anyway... theme today: motivation.

At the moment I'm not motivated to do ANYTHING!

I love my new apartment, and it's 90% finished. That other 10% is minot stuff, extras that aren't necessary, so I'm pleased and comfy. I now have lots of space and room to work (and play) in. I could do some dance recordings on one computer while working on English exam lessons or my homepage on another. Instead.... it's all lying dormant.

I'm not even motivated to go out somewhere, and I even visit my kids only if they call me, instead of me calling them! (SHAME on me!).

I am often glad that some things MAKE me work on stuff because I have deadlines or fixed dates. Like my dance classes... I HAVE to attend because I'm the teacher, otherwise I'm sure I would have discontinued going long ago. Yet, these same classes have, because I attended, saved my sanity more then once.

I will not go into my job... that is one of the real main reasons for my demotivation in lots of things. I avoid airfields, haven't flown in months and don't even want to fly anymore. My instructors licence is no longer valid and I may never renew it. Again, no motivation ... but more job related. NEVER turn your hobby into your job! Yet I did just that with my dancing and my flying.

I haven't even been motivated to blog... anyone notice that, after the pictures of the air show, I haven't added anything more about my trip home? 

My job? Twenty more months and I can retire!! YAY!

So, when the new Journalspace group started up in facebook, and within one day over 200 people signed up, it motivated me to finally start up a homepage I had been thinking about for so long. I wanted to reserve the domain name anyway so I went ahead and started working on it. No, it's not a blogging site, though that was my original intention, which is why the domain is journalspace-revived. There is no way I can do that yet... maybe in 2 years. So I decided to make it a JS nostalgic site.

I've added a homepage, trying to match the original set-up using screen shots I had once made.

I have links to JS member lists, matching people's former JS handle with their facebook names, and old profiles photos if available.

I added a profile of me, adding one of my JS entries and an old layout I once used, with the hope of others doing the same and sending me similar profile pages to adde..... so far, I have received NONE.

I added the JS Saga that Simon had once written, using many JS members as cast. It's one of the things I tried to save back then and thus survived the big JS crash.... and is so fun to read!

I added the JS Legend, which was something I had started on... yet is still unfinished.

I added a link to one of my blogger sub-blogs for people to use and comment on... so far, one follower only.

So far, the only really echo I got were requests from people asking me to remove their REAL names from the list! Yet, those are the names they are signed up on facebook with! Why, I ask you, do they use their REAL names on facebook if they don't want people to know about it?? You CAN sign up on fb with fake names.... lots of people did! geeeeez

So now, once again, I am asking myself WHY do I even bother with these efforts? I can see now that motivation to keep this site full with interesting updates is not going to last very much longer..... *sigh*

Anyway.... I needed to let this bit of ranting out. Sorry.....



  1. Oh I hear you on the job part...I'm in a new field--I really miss law enforcement but for now I have to feel blessed I finally have a job and it pays decent---long time coming

    Never apologize for ranting...they clear the mind and the help us more forward

    Happy Saturday girlie XXOO!

  2. I have always been taught to find something you love to do and find a way to make money doing it. By doing this you will never go to work a day in your life. I will definitely check of JS. *HUGS*

  3. I think your intentions are great D. and I know that JS was great in the day- but I think that many people- as much as they loved JS when it had it's time have simply moved on.

    As far as FB goes, I don't use my real name because I don't use my real name anywhere online because of personal reasons, but others do- My real information is there- and if someone knows it they can find me that way. I believe it's a choice and some people don't want there real name associated with their online persona from the JS days or even their blogging name- for reasons that only they can explain. I think it's one of those things that have to be respected. It may not be something you or even another understands, but I feel that everyone has a right to their privacy.

    I do hope that you find the motivation that you seek and that the site takes off and lives up to what you hope it to be. I loved JS and the people I met there and know that some of them will be friends for life- but I think many of us are just at a different place in our lives now. It doesn't mean it won't or can't work, just try not to get frustrated or discouraged if everyone dosen't have the same enthusiasm.

    Hang in there.

  4. Must be something in the atmosphere these days.

  5. Time of life, plays a part in it as well, and when you ahve been doing and reaching for many years -sometimes we stop to see who reaches to us. I am sending you hugs, thats for sure.

  6. Wizzi, I can very well understand that. What I don't understand is people putting their real names in FACEBOOK, of all places, and then not wanting it known. I noticed right away that your name was false... I used my real one (actually by mistake) but have had absolutely NO reprecussions because of it (no referals to Lee Van Cleef or Van Cleef & Arpels... nothing). I did meet another facebooker named Dori Van Cleef!! Now how awesome is THAT? (and we are not related... at least not closely).

    Anyway... I guess it all has to do with the nature of the beast. We shall see what happens with it all (at the moment the JS group is pretty dormant already).

    John, yep... must be the fall season or something.....

  7. It IS discouraging to work hard and get little or no satisfaction from it.

    The difference between a totally anonymous blogging site and a website which is viewed by family, neighbors and prospective employers has certainly created some problems as people adjust...or don't!

    I do appreciate the work and effort you have put into JS in the past. I guess we can throw in KcL too, but you are pretty aware of my feelings about THAT place.

    Like Maggs said, it may be part time of life, or just a normal fluctuation of enthusiasm levels. Good luck to ya anyhow.


  8. Wow! You've really put a LOT of work into this project, & I personally admire that kind of stamina. I wouldn't exactly call you 'unmotivated' judging by what you've
    done, thus far.

    As for the other stuff: maybe after moving into your new digs, you need some time to nest, to settle & mark it with your scent, your essence, & become one w/ the place. This often takes time. Hey, at least you're not looking for excuse to NOT be there. That's a good sign.

    Motivation is often like a dance we have to be inspired to do, in order to do it well!




  9. Westy -

    Blogging desire comes and goes. I personally think you are a natural leader when it comes to the blogging world.

    Motivation comes and goes. I suspect you aren't getting out of blogging what you put into it. In fact, I would say that is an absolute.

    it would be fantastic to return to a place that was like Jayess. The construct, feedback and language was perfect.

    I miss your posts and I love you,


  10. thank you Lenn and Bobby... I really needed the support and "cheers". lol Yep, I guess I'm just not getting the feedback I used to and it makes me wonder why the bother.

    But, you guys know me... I'll keep on chugging! lol

  11. *Sigh*

    It is difficult to follow and react to everything.
    The construct of this blogger just isn't as user friendly.

    I really miss the PM's and all the crazy stuff in the background.

    I wonder if Dylan will ever let loose of his programming architecture? That format Rocked the house.


  12. Hi Westy. Reading blogs has been on the back burner for me so I missed this. In fact I haven't read anyone in a week. Needed a break. I think come retirement you might have a different focus. Whatever you do, enjoy every minute of it, make the most of it. It seems like that time between now and the end (i.e. retirement) seems forever.

  13. Thankyou, Dorrie , some js'ers have found me because of your hard work, and kindness.

    Ohhhh, me neither. No motivation at all, what'soever. None, zero, zippo....I feel like a big ole lump of something.

    Thankyou for your support, makes me feel worth something when I see our bloggers give me these kind of comments. ((hugs)) and *you* take care.