Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Spirit of Journalspace

Yesterday, Elin from Denmark, decided to set up a new JOURNALSPACE group at Facebook. We already had one there, but it has been neglected (shame on me, I was admin oooops).

Anyway, within only a few hours there were already 100 former JS'ers in it! Comments were running wild, everyone trying to remember and note their former handle.

This morning I woke up and there were 200 sign-ups! And oh, so many people I have missed!

Only JS could cause that kind of reunion.

And, as fate would have it, my own homepage and forum is down for maintenance now.......

So, if you have an account at facebook, and used to be a JS'er and haven't yet received an invitation to join, just tell me and I'll send you an invite.... or just join on your own. It is awesome!!

Dorrie aka Westy


  1. It is indeed typical of the spirit that drew us all in the first place, kept us there and then saw us all mourn

  2. I will not make another account there, ever! Last year I was there for 3 months. Some JS people got pissed at me because I did'nt "friend" them. I joined in the first place to find my classmates.

    Not many there. I deleted after some so called family members played a cruel trick.

    All the ads and data-miners and crap going on and stupid farms and games they have waste time!

    I have'nt even had time for my singing.

    Most all of the JS Land people know I'm here.....alot don't care ~

    There will never be anyplace to take the place of the original Journalspace.

    I agree with Maggie about the spirit, and the mourning.

  3. Hi Westy. What a great surprise last evening. Unfortunately today I cannot access the group from Summer Wind. And it says I cannot be added. Always something. Whatever. I 'm glad everyone has reconnected. But there are so many more....

  4. Anita, Elin closed it now (with over 212 members already there) but I can add you as an admin... or invite you under your summerwind nick. She/We are afraid of trolls deciding to join in the fun

    Sunny... pity, but I truely understand!

    Maggs, yep, I agree very much!

  5. I miss the bunch. I would join Westy but my blogging started out as an idea from my shrink. It is to be private and away from my family.

    While I do no harm in this journal, I do use it to talk about things that would be scrutinized closely by my family.

    Sometimnes you have to have a place you can spit out your own real thoughts. I use these journals as that medium.



  6. Westy, this is very exciting. Could you please add me? I am curious to see who has showed back up. I miss JS so much.

  7. I hope everyone behaves and are nice to each other. ;)

  8. to add anyone, I need your facebook addy.

  9. I think it is a hoot, and I am enjoying it a lot. Some of my JS buddies had already found me on facebook. So this is just a nice add on.

  10. It's cool to see a lot of the old names...but there are quite a few of my old faves that aren't there, boohoo!

  11. Westy, please add me. I have access through my other account name but I don't want to chat on this group with anything other than Summer Wind. Funny that I was removed though..I was part of the group early on.

  12. I just saw your **journalspace site** YOU are amazing! You have created a treasure...it looks beauteeeful and you are right...it does take time and money.

    Much good luck ~ I love it !

  13. There is a link on my blog to my FB. Does that help to join?