Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday mom!

Yes, today is my mom's 91st birthday!! Unfortunately, like last year, I am unable to spend the day with her...... one of the real BIG disadvantages of living so far apart.

Mom is in a care home now, after needing a hip operation. She's been in a home for over a year now anyway because her dement got so bad, my dad was no longer able to take care of her. He is also in the hospital.... he needed a by-pass and a new heart valve!! But, from what my brothers tell me, he's doing quite well and is extremely BORED!

This is a picture of my mom as a baby with her mom. I'm so glad I have these old pictures still.....

Some years ago she started writing her memories.... if anyone is interested, you can read them here.

This picture from 1950 is of her with me, the future coca cola addict! lol

And this is my mom in 2009, during my last visit home.

I miss you mom!!



  1. Hi Dorrie ! Happy Birthday to your Mom :) Also, sorry to read this about your Dad ~ sending prayers and positive thoughts for y'all.

    Lovely photos, I can see you in your Mom's face,
    I have some old pix saved too, just need to learn to use my nice scanner!

    I have another blogger blog...

    Have been missing the old JS Land. Take care :)

  2. Happy birthday to her!

  3. Happy birthday to your mom and best wishes for a quick recovery for both mom and dad

  4. Wow, your Mom looks like you! I hope she had a great birthday.

  5. thanks everyone!!

    oh, I fixed the link to her memories....