Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hm...what to post about

Anita (aka Summerwind) asked me in a comment in one of her entries about my retirement, just to get me to blog something. I know, I haven't been doing much writing lately.... not even commenting! oh, shame.... what's the (blogging) world coming to??

First.... I have been more then busy lately. Since a certain someone is off on a 3 week vacation to the USA, without me, I have let my days get filled up with duty, events, as well as family (=babysitting lol). I haven't been home hardly a single evening lately!

Last weekend I spent with fellow female pilots at a town not far from where I live. It's a group of great ladies, some I have known for many years. It was so nice to see them all again! And I discovered a different, and quite interesting, side of a town I had visited often, but never really knew. Just to give you an idea.... we all had dinner at a restaurant that has existed since 1661! (no typos there!).

Anyway.... about the blogging. Somehow the urge has disappeared. I used to enjoy sharing so much with all of you... especially pictures of my world. But now... I haven't even posted pictures of granddaughter Tamara's first day of school and telling you about their tradition here with the big cone. Well, if you follow this link you'll SEE what I'm talking about.

Retirement: yep, in 22 months I can retire! There was a deal up until last December that made it possible to retire up to 3 years early. It meant that, up until July 2010 I take a cut in my pay of about €400, but after July 2012 until I turn 65 in 2015 I continue to get this pay, yet stay at home! I jumped at the chance! I am so sick of the way my job is.... so much stupidity and dumbness! It's just no fun anymore.... (well, some of you know it hasn't been fun for some time, and in spite of new co-workers and boss, it has gotten only a little better).

I think all the frustration at work, with you-know-who, the move into a new apartment, etc. etc. has just made me a bit depressed. Normally blogging should help against that, but the few times I did write entries (or even wrote in facebook *puke*), I didn't get the feedback I used to get.... and I admit, I NEED feedback! I thrive on feedback. So, I started to think.... why bother at all..... :-(

It's 11:15 pm right now so no time to write anymore. All the JS talk has almost inspired me to re-write the "Legend of the Furies" in a more story-telling way and I think I'll try to do that... when I find time *sigh*. I even have a new title for it: "The Legend of Jayess"! :-)

So, that's enough for now.... time for some shut-eye....

Dorrie aka Westy


  1. see.... I wake up to find, not a single comment BOOHOOO :-(

  2. Retirement in less than two years is definitely something to look forward to. I'm sorry that a certain someone is gone on vacation though without you. I know that is never easy.


  3. Blogging is often the kind of thing where the urge to write something & post it becomes close to an obsession, & then that urge fades away... only to return again later on. Been there. Experienced that. What's important is that we continue to process our thoughts & the events in our lives & arrive at some personal clarity.

    Retirement is definitely something to look forward to, & no doubt you won't be one of those stay-at-home couch potato people, but someone who actually gets out & LIVES life!

    Wow! Wish it were me!

    Snatch JOY!

    p.s. Don't sweat the comments, or lack of them, my friend! It's no reflection upon you or your subject matter.

  4. Retirement will be awesome for you, Westy! You will ( sometimes) wonder if indeed you are really "retired" because you will be doing so much. Oh, *relaxing* is on that agenda too :)

    I think we all miss JS Land so much, that's why I made a new "journal" here in Blogspot.
    Your idea of a Jayess saga sounds great! ( When and *if* you have the time.)

    I've also fallen into a sort of depression, which is so unlike me. I am unable to *walk.* Only 5 to 6 steps. Seeing orthopedic surgeon Sept 28. First I was dismayed I could not dance again, now it has turned even worse.

    Take care ~ *hugs* from Sunny.......oh and just write, a few comments are nice, but who needs 20, 50, etc. I just write when I feel like it.
    I know "somebody" is reading,lol.

  5. Just looked at all the beautiful pictures of the kids ! That one of Regina looks so "angelic" then...that one right next to it, is one of her sticking her tongue out!! Haha.

    Tamara and Emely have grown so fast! So cute they both are.

    You sure did alot of work putting that photo page together, and thanks for sharing. :)

  6. Hi Dorrie! I took a little road trip right after you wrote this and did not have internet access. Got lot's to get caught up on. Hope this week is full of activity for you!

  7. I know you need the feedback. I think that is fantastic about your retirement.

    I come and go when the urge strikes me in terms of journaling. We had a nice run at Jayess.

    In some ways I am grateful for having my journal go back to being obscure...

    I do not have a good catalog of your journals so i follow you here...

    love ya,

  8. Good for you that you can count the days to your retirement, Dorrie!

    I'm envious! ;)

  9. thank you all for the FEEDBACK! love it! lol

    Next week I fly to the States to visit my folks.... they aren't doing too well. :-(

  10. Hi Dorrie ~ just peeking in ~ I will keep your folks and you in my prayers. Hope you have a smooth , and nice flight to the states and back again.