Thursday, February 11, 2010

A day of sadness....

One of the dearest people in the world... a former JS'er.... a former blogger'er... is suffering a GREAT loss!

I almost mentioned her recently in an entry but thought better of it... I knew she didn't blog because her thoughts were elsewhere.... watching over her husband and best friend as he lay in the hospital, fighting a VERY big battle.

Today he lost that battle.....

Betty's (likeisaid) husband, Paul, died today.

I met them both on my trip to Dallas back in 2008, the same trip on which I met Lowandslow, Kelly, Gillardia, and Dr.Strangelove.

Paul, it was a pleasure getting to meet you!! And even though our visit was short, it was long enough to let me see WHY you were Betty's favorite person!

He is a very big loss for Betty. The only comfort is the fact that he no longer suffers any pain. And now perhaps he can watch over her.......

Love you Betty!



  1. I am very sorry to hear this news.

  2. Westy, thank you for sharing this. I knew he was very ill but had not heard of his passing until I read your entry. I am saddened.

  3. Im sending loving healing thoughts to all. God bless

  4. It is heartbreaking. I pray that she'll find strength and peace in the coming days. My thoughts and prayers are with her and the familiy.

  5. Different subject -- check your own forum for a PM from me when you can, ok?

  6. Dorrie ~ wow, I did'nt know of this , I was just skimming through my Blogger Reader and saw this post of your's in here.

    ((Betty)), if you read this, please know I'm so very sorry to read of this, I know you are going through some rough times now... but Paul is in a much better place.......may God give you and your family Peace and healing.

    Thanks for this posting, Dorrie ~ Hugs, Sunny