Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Moon ...and stuff

This morning (my time) KCL was DEAD! I always check in here about every 15 minutes, at least, to see if anyone has posted, but Saturday mornings are DULL! So I messed around with other stuff.... like layouts. I know... very exciting.

Anyway, a few people mentioned on facebook (alternative excitement...not) seeing the full moon outside. I was watching it slowly approach the horizon, viewing it from my living room window. The snow clouds left long enough and after reading those entries, I grabbed my camera and tried to take a picture..... not bad if I do say so myself....

On this one you can see the little airplane hanging in my window....

The snow clouds returned but I still had to leave the warmth of my apartment. My son had left his computer on and he's 2 weeks in Mumbai so I had to drive there and shut it down.

Then I drove to pick up my duty car for tomorrow.... I got permission to have it in my garage so I won't have to clear the snow off it tomorrow in the early hours (I have a work-related class to teach). Good thing, too....... I needed about a half hour to get the snow off! The snow had paused but started again just after I arrived home. I'm sure the streets are going to be horrible tomorrow morning and many people may not show up for the class. But I'll be there!

I hope YOU all have a great Sunday!



  1. I love the pictures. The bottom one feels like I'm actually looking out the window!

  2. Great pics! Hope your sunday is a great one also! We had very rare Blue Moon here this month and it was awesome!

  3. I meant to say blue moon of Kentucky. We all the blue moon of course

  4. Hi Westy. Thanks for sharing the moon. It's been cloudy for the past several days with snow and such. Stay warm!

  5. Like wildstorm, I missed the moon event because of cloud cover. Loved your pics!

  6. Raining here today- so it will probably head your way next.

    Try to stay warm.

  7. Hey there Westy. Good to see you. Nice pictures. I like the bottom one too. The little airplane in neat. Hi to all the other folks from JS too.

  8. hi DAVE!! I was just thinking of you the other day. So glad to see you again.

    Thanks everyone for your comments... I've been busy the past days... so what else is new?