Wednesday, July 1, 2009

KCL down?

My KCL addiction can't be satisfied... I wake up this morning and found KCL DOWN! Oh the horror!

I know that the admins are/were on vacation.... so maybe it was some spammers while they were away.

Come on folks.... we still have my forum for exchanging news.....

Otherwise, no big news from my world. I had a 10 hour work day yesterday.... tonight is dance class and we are having a heat wave (30° C/86°F) with high humidity.... dancing should be fun (not!)

OK, off to work I go....



  1. I'm on KCL at this very moment. Maybe there's an internet switch down between you and KCL.

  2. I just got in myself, but it was unreachable (for me) for at least 45 minutes. No other sites were down, just KCL.

    Phew.... now to get my KCL fix! lol

  3. trying to set up there, again. can't you set your own password? I see no way.
    It appears to be very user unfriendly at the moment. I don't want to screw around with layout confusion and glitter.
    Also what good is rss?

  4. This is why I like's part of google,and if any site has to be maintained at all times,it's Google..

  5. I started an account there, but at the moment I don't have it in me to deal with another journal.

    On a related note, I deleted my account at "Journalspace".

  6. sorry I didn't get back to y'all... KCL is back and running very smoothly. I've been busy busy, as usual... *sigh*