Saturday, July 4, 2009

Do you believe in fate?

Posted the other day at KCL:

So many things have happened in my life that seemed to just happen when it fit. That has often made me wonder whether it was just by chance, whether a higher power intended it that way, or whether it was just fate.

I could give you lots of examples but I just got back from dance class and I'm too tired. It's very hot and humid and we even cut dance class short because of it. Then a bunch of us went to a local ice cream parlor... that was nice!

Back to the questions of fate. It's sometimes spooky ... I'll give you one example. I once owned a Toyota 4Runner. I loved that car, but it was big and a gas guzzler. When I left my ex, I took it with me. I had a new boyfriend (a guy I'd known for 11 years, but it wasn't our time yet) and we moved in together. I put the car up for sale, but there were no takers. Then we went to buy a condominium and needed some down payment.... and the car got sold just when we needed it!

My present job appeared just when I was about to run out of getting alimony.

One of my dance classes started to fold.... and a gal suggested me to another group. They called, asked if I'd be interested and I went for a trial evening... and they are now my regular Wednesday night group!

Last September, after my last trip to the States, I was SERIOUSLY considering quitting my job and moving back there. In October the financial crash came, killing all thoughts about doing that. Maybe it was telling me I'm supposed to stay here?

Other things have happened like that... it does get scary some times.

Anywho...... I don't want to tempt fate here, but.... I have maybe an opportunity to purchase a condominium, at a price WAY below standard. AND... it's in the town my daughter lives in, the town I lived in for 13 years and know inside and out. I have already checked the place and it's a bit rundown, but nothing some renovation can't help. The price is so low, I fear there's a catch somewhere. But tomorrow I have an appointment with the owner and Wheelie will hopefully accompany me, maybe Regina as well. It just seems too good to be true.... there MUST be a catch.

So why am I thinking of moving when I love my present apartment? Well, I have only 5 years left to work (yep, I'll be 60 in February) and I must NOW start thinking about where I want to spent the rest of my life. Is this condominium it? Yes, I have looked around. Some places are nicer, but too expensive... no way I could finance them. This one is not perfect, but has great potential... is located in an ideal spot (near my daughter among other things).

So, we will give it a very critical once-over tomorrow and ask the owner a thousand questions (like WHY he's selling, etc.). I'm excited, but trying to not get too excited. If the bank won't finance this place for me, then I can bury ANY chance of ever buying a condo ever and will have to continue to pay rent. I don't mind that, but there's always the fear of the owner wanting the place for themselves, or selling it to new owners, and you get evicted (which is difficult to do over here, but still can happen). My appointment with the bank is on Monday. My home bank didn't even want to discuss possibilites.... yes, the banks have gotten VERY cautious over here, too.

As you see, I have lots on my mind at the moment.I'll keep you all informed how it goes... and perhaps post pictures.


P.S. As you all know, I don't care for facebook, but some of my favorite people leave short notes there, keeping us updated. One of our own favorites, Betty, left a message saying her hubby, Paul, had to be taken to the hospital! PLEASE pray for her and Paul!!


  1. It's funny how things turn out. At the time, we get disappointed, but in the long run, it ends up good. Case in point, my last two boyfriends, upset at the time but so much better off without! hehe... so many opportunities & things to enjoy tthis year which I couldn't have done if I had not been single! :P

    Good luck with the apartment!

  2. I don't believe in fate, and I don't believe everything happens for a reason. Stuff just happens :-)

  3. The condo will work or not...I'm glad you are looking. Regarding fate... I believe we each have a hand in our own. Our decisions affect "how" we learn what we are here to learn. Good decisions make for easier learning curves. imho

  4. The fate you refer to is whaqt I call synchronicity(I think I spelled that right) When one can accept life as it is and expect things to always work out for the best it just seems to happen that way. Good luck with the decision whenter to purchase th e condo or not.And I will keep your friends in my prayers. The best to you and yours my dear

  5. Life doesn't always go as we expect

  6. I have always said: you never know where life is going too take you. I have done a lot of things I never thought I would ever get a chance to do.