Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back home... and all's well

As most of you know by now, Regina did NOT have to have the operation.

I went for a little walk this morning while the girls were in kindergarten and Regina was visiting with a friend. This photo is for Lowandslow... it's a sample of old half-timbered houses, now freshly renovated. Noticed the floor of the grey house? Try setting up furniture in that place! LOL

Before I left we took advantage of the "free" time and good (=hot and humid) weather and decided to take the girls to a fair at a nearby city. We had a great time! Here are a few impressions....

We were able to take both girls on this water rollercoaster and they LOVED it!

I later took Tamara on the Wild Mouse rollercoaster and she was exstatic! She laughed the whole time.

Both girls enjoyed the usual kiddie rides like this one......

Our other favorite was the ferris wheel....

From the top we had a great view of the castle across the river.....and we did NOT ride that carousel shown in the picture!

It turned out to be a great day....

Tomorrow I MAY have some field tirps/duty to do... depends once again on the weather....

That's all for now.... Sorry for all the bragging, but I just HAD to share, especially after all the tension of the last days. And thanks again for all your prayers!


P.S. I decided to copy and paste this entry here because I know some of you don't visit KCL and I did want to share the news.


  1. A wonderful post. Im so happy she didnt have to have surgery. The kiddos are absolutely adorable. God bless you and yours my friend

  2. Dorrie, thank the Lord all is well for your baby girl. I did not know of any health problems until I read your post. God bless you and your daughter as you both go forward in life together.

    Best wishes to you both.


  3. Good news. You are fortunate for the family and grandchildren.

  4. Finally catching up on your blogs. Glad no surgery is needed! And that carousel is just CRAZY!!!!!!! Cute photos as always :)