Thursday, July 23, 2009

Again a lovely visit

As you all know, my friends "Golden Bough", aka Margie and Paul, came to visit again, this time with an overnight stay. I took so many pictures (again) that I hardly know which ones to share! lol

They arrived EARLY at the airport, but punctual as I am, I was waiting. While Wheelie drove their son and his bride to a nearby hotel (the newlyweds wanted one last night of their honeymoon on their own), I drove Margie and Paul to my son's home so they could meet him again.... the last time was when he was about 12 years old! Wheelie also joined us there. It was a lovely evening at his home and we ended up staying a lot longer then planned.

We then returned to my home and chatted, looked at photos, chatted. Soon it was time for bed. They slept in the next morning, as expected. My daughter arrived with her girls and they were still asleep (at 9:00 am)! But, soon they crawled out and joined us for a buffett breakfast I had set up.

The girls had been drawing pictures, but once Margie brought out the harp, their attention was guarantied.

Especially Tamara, of course....

This time Emely tried playing the harp as well.....

Then it was time to say goodbye... This time Regina helped with the drive to the airport.

After that, I followed Regina to HER home where I had my hair colored once again AND finally got it cut. Yes, I'll post a picture soon



  1. hm, 101 followers and not a single comment after 8 hours of being posted.... *snif*

  2. Hey, I just got here!

    Once again, it looks like a good time was had by all. Nothing quite compares to live music in your own home, eh? It's cool that you have friends like that.

  3. Dorrie, now now. We all love you---well I do!!! But when you've got a jillion blogs, its hard to know where to read your words. I prefer this blog the best though!!! And I must agree with Bard. The best way to spend time with family is to include music. Awesome.

  4. thanks Bard! guess what... I bought the harp for her! But I won't give it to her until her birthday or Christmas.

    Anita, I now post mostly at KCL and will occassionaly copy a good post here. It's just too much to keep up more then one site... as you well know. But KCL is my cyber home now. I just wish it had a blogroll like blogspot does....

  5. Hello!
    I was just stopping by to say I love your blog!
    And I also love the giant harp, I never get to see those you see, what a treat LOL!

    I would love it if you stopped by mine if you ever got the chance! :)

  6. thanks Juan! I stopped by your place. Do I know you from another site under a different name?

  7. Too much happiness {awesome pictures}.

  8. At the risk of making everyone gasp in horror, I'm leaving a comment, because I love the pictures of your grandkids. Sounds like you had a nice visit with your guests. YAY! Hugs.

  9. Music and friends and kids and grandkids, cannot get much more sweeter than that!

    Glad you enjoyed the visit and had "live!" music to listen too, and watch.....

    and Tamara sure was listening closely. I loved your videos on UTube.

    And the expressions of the kids, and the music so inspired me that I went hunting for a Harp, as I've always loved Harp music.....

    but they are so expensive! I only went searching on the www, but will go out to "Other Worlds" a shop between St Pete and Pasadena.