Monday, July 20, 2009

Vanity Plates.... and cats

While driving home from shopping on Satureday I came across this plate....

All German plates begin with 1-3 letters representing the city/county your registered at... the bigger the town, the less letters, like Frankfurt is "F", Darmstadt is "DA", etc. The second set of 1-3 letters are free to combine, as are the 1-4 numbers at the end. Of course, people try to combine them into words, like pilots living in Frankfurt love trying to get "F"ly etc. This plate is from the town Segeberg, thus the "SE". My plate is DA WX 232, Wx being a short form of "Wixhausen", a part of Darmstadt I live in, and 232 is my birthday (23 Feb).

My Shila found a new favorite "nest". Instead of helping with the ironing, she decided to take a nap instead.

She also picked a plastic bad, left by Margie and Paul for them to pick up on their way home. Though the guest bed was completely free, she felt a need to be as close to the back as possible.... crazy cat! lol

Please ignore the other junk on the bed... I'm still doing some renovation.

This was a beautiful sunset that I caught the other day.... just thought I'd share it with all of you....



  1. Beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing

  2. I like it when you do these...

  3. thanks for stopping by and commenting guys!! At least I still have some "fans" here LOL

  4. As do I. It's always so nice to stop by here.