Friday, June 26, 2009


Well, Regina didn't have to have the OP after all! The anti-biotics she was taking seemed to have kicked in, the headaches stopped, and the doc said she can cancel the op .... unless they start up again.

Since I was already at her place, I stayed overnight as planned and on Friday we spent a nice afternoon with the girls at a local fair... pictures coming soon!

Lately I've been posting only at KCL... it's too troublesome to post in two places, and since it looks like hardly anyone even reads here anymore, KCL will probably be my permanent home. Yes, I'll continue to check in here daily, as usual. Some of you I just miss too much........



  1. I have been reading at KCL but I have not joined yet (don't know what to use for a name). Wordpress blogs like KCL should be able to import from Blogger. I know Blogger won't import from WP, so you write once at Blogger and then import into KCL. If Matt hasn't added that feature, get him on it. I won't likely join there unless I can import my Blogger entries.

  2. thanks Doug for commenting. I know a number of people that DO transfer... I prefer copy/paste (using the html editors) so I haven't tried the transfer abilities, but there is on, also RSS feed. I think you can check out the options better once you're signed in (all features aren't mentioned openly).
    But copy/paste is easy peasy enough.

  3. KCL? Really?
    Bunch of cyber vagabonds. I think I have an account but haven't used it for much. Maybe I'll look into more.