Monday, June 22, 2009

Life's little mess-ups....

Yes, life like's to send you a curve ball at times. As if I'm not busy enough and have a full schedule, I still manage to somehow be there for my kids.

Last Thursday my son needed help with some furniture.... who came? me! Oh, I think I never got around to posting the cute pictures from last Sunday....



In case I already posted them, well tough, I posted them again!

And some wild flowers at a park I walk by every day....

Last Friday my daughter, Regina, called asking if I could possibly watch the kids on short notice since she got an unscheduled doc appointment. She has been suffering headaches for the past weeks and she normally doesn't. The appointment was for a cat scan. Of course I said yes... I would just rearrange what I had planned. In the end I didn't have to, the girl's daddy managed to rearrange his schedule.

Today she called and asked if I can watch the girls this coming Friday. It seems she has some kind of fluid in her brain that doesn't belong there. They put her on anti-biotics but have now decided to operate! So this Friday she'll be admitted for the OP and needs to stay at least until Saturday (they do it through the nose somehow). Scary stuff! I asked my boss for time off (I have tons of overtime anyway) and he said sure! So, Thursday I'll drive to her place and stay until Saturday. Yes, life is really NOT boring in my world.....

Those of you who pray, please add Regina to your list!




  1. Gosh. I hope everything goes well for Regina.

  2. Prayers said for Regina. Hope you are well. I like the photos!

  3. I hope and pray all goes well.

  4. Beautiful pics. They are just darling! I will keep your daughter in my prayers that all turns out well. "hugs"

  5. I will certainly keep her and all your family in my thoughts and prayers.
    ((hugs))~ Gina