Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yesterday's airshow....

This is for all the aviation buff's out there (lowandslow, fin, etc.). As y'all know, I had two airshows to visit yesterday and both went well. The second one I was happy about since they had never done a show before, yet they took some of my advanced advice to heart and did a good job! *patmyselfonback*

So, here are some impressions from the bigger airshow.... the show was called "Air Classics"...

and there were also a few car "classics"....

I just returned from a short visit with my daughter and her kids... I wanted to finally tell Emely happy birthday (which I missed last Saturday because of the BIG airshow).

Before that I got some recordings done as well as a KCL layout for our "Rebel". Presently I have one in my "practice journal" waiting for "itiswell" to take a peek and approve. It's nice to be able to mess with layouts again.

Happy Father's Day to all daddy's out there!!



  1. Looks like you had beautiful weather!

  2. I like the cars because they stay a lot closer to the ground!