Tuesday, May 5, 2009

no time.... as usual

No time for a normal post, but I did want to share at least one photo from Sundays baptism.

This is my son, Carsten, and his wife, Karen, both all dressed up in traditional India attire, holding precious Priyasha. My daughter, Regina, and their cousin, Christine, were the two godmothers. Christine is holding a traditional Easter candle which was lit on the flame of the large Easter candle in the church.

Even though Karen and her family are from India, they are Catholics, like us, so it was a Catholic ceremony.

After the mass we went to a reception with lots of cake and Indian food. No, I did NOT bake this cake! lol

It was a fun day for all.

I'm having trouble "winding down" after that long weekend. It seems I've been on the go for the past two weeks... almost non-stop. Even today I drove after work to my daughter's new apartment (long story) to help put furniture together.

It's been raining the past couple of days and temperatures have dropped! It's like April was our summer and now, in May, it's fall already. Weird.....



  1. What neat pictures.
    Say hi to your dad for me. I miss his navy photos and stories.

  2. Awesome pix, as usual. That cake is gorgeous. Ans, of course, the whole family is handsome! It rained (and hailed) here, too, today. Strange weather. Keep the pictures comin'. Love 'em! Hugs.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics! I love the Indian garb they're wearing - beautiful!

  4. I say this again and very happily---what a gorgeous family. You are so blessed.

  5. I like his outfit.
    IT is amazing how many Catholics there are in in India. The Portuguese had a big impact on that but the tradition goes back even further

  6. You have a very beautiful family! The best to all of you

  7. I love thses photos sent you a quick note so you know I'm alive

  8. I love it when you post family pics

  9. thank you all! your comments mean a LOT to me!

    I'm glad you like my pictures and I do promise more soon. I haven't slowed down yet, but I'm trying.

  10. I like the pictures. It's nice to keep some traditions seeing as everything is getting more and more modern!