Sunday, May 3, 2009

what a weekend!

First of all, thank you all for the comments in the past entries!

The weekend went well, my MIL is now at her son's home (my ex) instead of staying here another night... not because she didn't want to, but it was more sensible logistically.

So tomorrow I have the day all to myself!

Maybe I'll even find time to upload the pictures I took.... I'll be having tons to share with you all, so beware!

It was mentioned in one of the comments below about how green this country is. Yes, we do have lots of forests and at the moment the flowers and trees are just exploding with color. We had a few thunder storms passing through which provided them lots of much needed water.

I'm extremely sad that a number of friends are discontinuing blogging. I know, I almost did the same, but I guess I'm just too addicted to blogging and all of my readers. Besides, as I've said before, I NEED to keep up with everyone.

I especially miss lowandslow and now our dear Sunny has decided to no longer write. Gosh I'll miss her positive attitude! I understand her reasons... real life DOES at times have priorities, but I'm still sad.

And there are others I miss.... the list is too long to add here. But, I guess that's life....

Well, time for me to disappear to dreamland.... it's been quite an exciting and few days.....



  1. People blog became something different. I suppose they found no need to blog. I find it oddly releasing...

  2. Isn't lowandslow at wordpress now? I miss him, too, and his sense of humor and perspective on things. Looking forward to pix!!! Hugs, Princess Dorrie. ;-)

  3. The village burned down, and we have all moved into condos on the web. There isn't a lot of action on my blog anymore, and frankly, I don't worry as much about keeping up with absolutely everybody on a daily basis anymore.

  4. It's the ebb and flow. I noticed greeneyes is back for a bit, I missed her! (even though she's on FB)
    Some days I just don't have the time anymore, but I think of everyone. I hope Sunny is doing well!

  5. Yes low and slow and Sunny were on my favorties list too and I miss them.

  6. I hope these issues work themselves out for the best....

  7. It is hard to keep up. I know that I just can't seem too. I miss all of them.

  8. You stillhave me, although I miss so many, too. Maggs

  9. People came and went on JS and there are bloggers there that I so enjoyed that left long before JS did. And now with everyone with their own blogs at different sites, it's a bit more challenging to keep up. People's lives change and people blog for many reasons. I sure do miss Sunny already and L&S too but there are more.