Saturday, May 9, 2009

Moving.... in many ways

I'm moving, as in still on the go! lol I again helped my daughter, Regina, move into her new apartment. She and the girls will spend the night there for the first time tonight. We a little, eh lots of, help from her friends... and me... she's pretty well finished.

My entries are also moving. Yes, I know it's a bummer to follow links, but I'm trying to do my posts primarily at KCL. You can read my entries under WESTY, what else! The site is being run by a former JS'er and he's doing an awesome job to make it like our former JS once was.

Some of you may remember his wife, the one and only EvilFury!! So come on over and join us!

As mentioned in my last entries, I have been, and still am, busy busy and that's why I can't post in two sites. I'll still be here to read everyone, and also post occassionally.

We are having off and on thunder storms since yesterday. I used to be so afraid of those storms, but not any more.... I now love watching them!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I can't post comments in KCL, because I'm not a member there, but I think that thing was called a 'muff'. OK, get your minds out of the gutter, everyone! I could be wrong with the name, too. You're such a good mom, to be there for your kids. Hugs.

  2. I ditto Xanadus comment on being a good mom. I may belong to KLC, but I have already started a blog here. I may do what Bobby does and use KCL as a mirror blog. I feel bad for the kids. Theyre the ones who hurt the most during a divorce.

  3. Why do this? Why again? Once was not enough? I am mystified...JS is not going to be duplicated. JS was gone long before it crashed. I dunno, I am not a negative person but this makes me nuts.

  4. LOL Bursti... blogger doesn't have the homepage or the community feeling, and that's what we are trying to recapture at KCL. I never felt comfy at Wordpress (no one read my entries there...) and too many people are posting at facebook instead of here. So, KCL is worth a try. But I'll not delete this place!

  5. yes but I read you at WP.

    I am sorry but I think KCL is going to be one frustration after another.

    I love the friendships I made at JS but I think trying to recreate it is going to be very difficult...well, impossible.