Monday, May 18, 2009

Lazy week ahead.. doctor's orders!

My voice is still missing. I've been looking high and low but can't find it!

So, I marched over to the doctor's office this morning (it's walking distance from my apartment) and waited an hour in the waiting room since I didn't have an appointment. As soon as I opened my mouth, trying to talk, he knew why I was there. He checked and decided it was indeed laryngitis. He gave me a prescription for a spray, signed me off work for the rest of the week, and also sent me off to a ear-nose-throat specialist to make sure it wasn't something else. The receptionist called them to get me an appointment (since I couldn't talk). Since the appointment she arranged was an hour later, I hopped in my car, drove downtown, found a parking spot, and walked to the office (same one I had an appointment at last Monday for my ears.... different story), arriving a few minutes early. The specialist came to the same conclusion as my house doctor did. (see, we do NOT wait months to get appointments, as some people claim we do with our insurance system).

So now I am "stuck" home for a whole week! *sigh*

Yes, I will be good... I'll take my spray, I'll avoid doing ANY talking, and read my book

And maybe do some computer stuff

It's very seldom that I get sick. Even my daughter keeps reminding me of that fact. So, I'm just going to try and "enjoy" the quiet and use this time as a chance to be lazy... with a good excuse.



  1. Well, um, enjoy your sick time, I guess :-)

  2. I wish my kids would get that! lol
    Get well soon. *hugs*

  3. You indulge yourself and stop.. Get well soon!!

  4. If you have any pull with the folks at KCL can you tell them I have tried several times to get my new password sent and nothing is coming in my email? I signed up as smartiplants. Thanks

  5. Still no voice, but I AM feeling better! thanks everyone!

    Nan, I passed your message on to the KCL admin 2 minutes ago and here is already his reply:

    "Tell them to check spam box.

    If the message is not there, then tell them to email the user name they want to and I will sign them up."

    Now, is that service? lol

  6. Give me your phone number again, please? Maybe we could chat for a while. Ha, ha, he, he. Seriously, though, I hope you're doing better, and that your voice returns ASAP. Talk as little as possible, as it damages your vocal chords when you have laryngitis. Take care. HUGS!