Friday, May 15, 2009

Called in sick... finally ;-)

Well, I finally decided that this cough is getting too much, especially since it's causing me headaches. And after I ended up late yesterday with NO VOICE, and still having no voice today, I reported in sick and left the office early.

I managed to catch my doc before he left for his lunch break (he already had his coat on, but let me in anyway). He prescribed me some drops (which my insurance does NOT cover and signed me off sick through Sunday (yay, no weekend business trips!). If I'm still feeling bad on Monday, he'll extend it.

We do not get "sick days" over here. When you're sick, you can stay home on full pay, as long as a doctor writes a note... a copy going to the office, and one going to the insurance. I keep forgetting how long you can be sick on full pay, or when the insurance kicks in. But you do NOT lose your job for being sick! In fact, your job usually gets held for you until you can return.... your co-workers trying to cover your load. We once had a gal sick for 8 months and the poor guy who shared her job had to do all her stuff as well.... and didn't get a bonus or anything for it. She then returned, but then got transfered to a different department and we got someone new.

Well, now I'm going to fix some soup, then go to bed.

Yes, I'll be checking in on y'all occassionally...



  1. Enjoy the soup & get well soon - hopefully the entire weekend won't go too waste

  2. Enjoy your time off but get well soon.
    Prayers for you
    Pastor Larry

  3. You take care of yourself and wrap up warm and snoozeFB

  4. I hope you feel better. Remember if you have a fever, see your doctor.


  5. Be good to yourself - when you're sick you need a little extra pampering. Make sure you take some honey for that throat, too.

  6. I ended up sleeping over 2 hours... in the middle of the afternoon! uff I guess I needed it. The doc forbid me to talk the next days.. no problme there LOL

    thank you all for the well wishes... you can't keep me down long! usually..... ;-)

    P.S. KCL is back up!

  7. Take all the rest you need and do what YOUwant. I am delighted you are finally stopping. Sometimes our bodies need this too. Maggs

  8. Stop breaking your soup and you won't have to fix it. Hope you feel better very quickly, Dorrie.

  9. I've heard too many stories of people getting sick or going on vacations and coming back - to no job - over here of course. I was going to take some time off in June or July - but in this economic climate, that might be a little scary. That system over there sounds pretty nice - excepting you have to go to the doctor to get it approved. Anyway, hope you get over this quickly.

  10. Poor you. Hope you feel better.

  11. thank you all! I was feeling very ill today... my stomach seemed to not like the drops I was taken, I don't know. I still have no voice. I spent most of the day today in bed, reading a book and sleeping. I'm feeling better now.... but darn it, I can't find my voice for the life of me! Did Shila hide it somewhere? lol

  12. Theirs nothing I can say that a Hallmark card couldn't say much better. =)

    You have good sense of humor under the circumstances. Rest! And don't talk!!! Hope you are feeling much better soon.

  13. Get some rest and take care. I hope you are feeling better now.