Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Voice returning.... slowly...

Yes, I've been a good girl! I followed my doctor's orders and did LOTS of resting and hardly any talking. My daughter called once, my son called once, otherwise the only ones I could test my voice on was Wheelie and Shila.

I spent lots of time laying and bed and managed to read 2 books and started a third. I didn't do as much on the computer as I had hoped, and avoided doing any but necessary housework.

My voice is just now coming back. It's still a bit scratchy so I must take care....

The bad part of being signed off sick... tomorrow is a holiday and I can't "enjoy" it. And I had hoped to get some overtime in this weekend. Oh, well..... I'll just continue to be lazy.



  1. Glad you're getting your voice back. You can still enjoy your holiday, if you plan something that doesn't require lots of talking! Go for a ride by yourself, sight-seeing, something like that. Get back to 100% soon. Hugs.

  2. thanks Xanadu.
    Unfortunately, since I am sick with a doctor's note, I am not allowed to do anything or go anywhere! I could lose my job if I got caught (it would be one of the view reasons for losing any job protection). I can go shopping for groceries, like I did this morning, or visit the doc, but nothing else. So, I'm housebound until Sunday... *sigh*

  3. Glad you are on the mend! There are plenty more holidays coming up. Better to rest yourself up to 100% wellness anyway! :o)

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers- Gina

  4. I sure am glad to read you ARE GETTING BETTER...

  5. I hope you get better soon. Enjoy laying around for awhile.

  6. You've read more books sick than I've read in my life!

  7. I hope you have a speedy recovery and that you have an enjoyable weekend!