Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Simon! and KCL news...

Today is our dear Simon's birthday! Have a happy one, Simon!

Simone is a great writer and a very funny guy. He was one of the first to help me out when I first discovered blogging (thanks to fin) way back in 2003, at our former journalspace. He once wrote a JS Sage, which I still have available on my homepage... unfortunately it never got finished.

And he was one of the main characters in my Legend of the Furies tale.

Some of you know that a new blogging site has been set up called keepconnectedlive, or KCL. The admin is a former JS'er and is doing an awesome job of making it like our old site. Unfortunately he has run into server problems because the site is becoming so popular! He is now transfering all of the site to a new server, but it's going to take a few days. So, if you are trying to open the sie and wondered what happened, now you know. He did send an email notice to as many members as possible, but the one or the other may not have gotten the message.

And of course I have set up a KCL refugee camp at my forum.

And me? Today is Thursday, and as my regular readers would know, it's my LONG work day! Tonight is my last Thursday dance class for this semester, so I will have Thursday evenings free now until September. I'm kind of glad.....

Anyway, off I go to get ready for work.



  1. May your Thursday go quickly!

  2. As I’ve already said, thank you for your felicitations – you have touched me in ways no other woman has.

  3. Thursdays aren't generally longer than my other days, they just suck a whole lot more.

    Happy Birthday to Simon.

  4. Thanks for letting us know what happened. My first thought was this is too much like JS that went down suddenly.

  5. Happy Birthday, Simone! :)

  6. Thank you, everyone: the auspicious day is now just over.

  7. I hope the day was a good one, Simon!

    It's FRIDAY folks! I lost my voice over the last days... that'll be fun at work. heehee