Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring has exploded!

Yes, spring has arrived and the plant world has exploded in a mass of color! No, I haven't taken many pictures, but I did want to share with you the following...

This was taken last winter from my car on my way to work. It's a collection of bushes within the traffic circle and, what you can't really tell in the picture, they were white with frost....

And yesterday it looked like this....

In the past days I was pretty busy, though that's nothing new. My office was renovated and all the furniture piled up in the corridor. Tuesday I could finally move it in.

Yesterday was Shiana's SECOND birthday! Of course I took photos and will share them soon... I haven't had time to upload them yet (see, I said I was busy! lol)

Today is the usual long office day, then 4 days off for Easter! Tomorrow, Good Friday, is a holiday as well as Monday, which is called Easter Monday and is also an official holiday.

Well, I better get ready for my busy day. No news yet about my job application *sigh*. The "Jerk" is now retired and gone, but the other co-worker is an arrogant idjit and he'll be around awhile, unless he gets transfered. Sometimes I wonder if the reason he came to us in the first place was because in his former position they wanted to get rid of him LOL... anything is possible!

*think positive, think positive.... *

OK, off I go... and



  1. I love those pictures.
    Have a happy Resurrection Sunday my friend.

  2. Like "Before" and "After" pix. Pretty! I wish we had things blooming here. It's still cold, at 32 degrees right now. Keeping my fingers crossed for you for the job.

    When I was a child, we always had Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Monday off, but that meant a lot of church going. lol. Happy Easter. Hugs.

  3. It looks lovely! - Glad I could send a belated card to Shiana, as I forgot her, since things are a bit hectic around here - Thanks for the reminder - DAD

  4. Beautiful pics of course.

    I envy you having a fur day holiday. I'm working on houses all weekend long.



  5. thank you all for the comments!

    I just heard the weather report... they are expecting SUMMER temperatures tomorrow... 25°C (77°F)! unbelievable......

  6. WOOOOW, I love that tree!
    Happy Birthday Shiana, two already! Doesn't seem possible.
    Good luck on that application - maybe no news is good news. I'm utterly jealous of you guys, getting a four-day weekend. And even better if it's summer weather! Lucky girl!

  7. Have a wonderful weekend with the grandkids. Happy Easter!

  8. What I wanna know is how Germany has budding trees before Illinois? Aren't you guys further north than us? So, shouldn't it be colder there? Oy!!

    Great picture though! So pret-tee!! lol

    Happy Easter!

  9. We are still waiting for spring here. We just had snow come and go yesterday.
    Yanno, I like the winter shot of the bush much better :-)

    Happy Birthday to Shiana, and have a swell long weekend, Dorrie!

  10. OK!
    The photography in here has stepped up a notch. I love it.

  11. Envious... Spring is trying to spring around here. Definitely not much green and no color at all!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  12. Love the before and after pictures!

    Happy 2nd birthday to Shiana!!

    Have a wonderful time with your family, Dorrie!

    Happy Easter!! ((hugs))

  13. i'm going to reiterate your 'think positive' mentallity. i've been test marketing positive thinking this past year and it's been working out pretty good for me. it's a challenge sometimes to keep it up, but it actually does work.

  14. Hold on now...what happened to Shiana's first birthday??!!
    It amazes me how long I have known you online to remember you posting pics of her when she was first born!