Friday, April 3, 2009

Frankfurt Impressions

After my meeting yesterday I wanted to take advantage of the fantastic spring weather so, with camera ready, I walked toward the main downtown area. On the way I ran into a few "dubious" characters like this guy....

The contrast of old and new is always fascinating...

But my main aim was the new shopping mall called "My Zeil". Yes, more and more English is being adopted, much to the disgruntlement of many Germans and I must admit, I have to agree with them. "Zeil", pronounced "sile" (think for German, "when 2 vowels go walking, the SECOND does the talking"), is the name of the walking street where the mall is located.

The architecture is VERY futuristic. The shops inside didn't interest me at all... nothing special there. I don't expect the place to be a hit in the long run. Anyway, while going up and down the escalators, I had to think of Doug and how he'd go crazy finding photo motives there. Inspired from his style, I attempted a few myself and I think they turned out pretty well... if I do say so myself.

Notice the spire of the cathedral showing through the lower right corner of the window?

Another view...

Looking down the middle ....

I then hopped on the train for home... I had started rearranging my bedroom and I needed to finish before leaving for dance class.

Today the weather is again fantastic and I think I'll give my balcony a much needed wash down!



  1. Architecturally it seems very modernistic. I can;t help thinking of "Rocky Horror Show" when someone says Frankfurt ( thinking Frankenfurter!!

  2. I look at pictures like these and they always amaze me. It's like watching one of those travel TV shows. So beautiful, and yet, it doesn't seem real.

    I've never been out of the States and it is so hard for me to imagine life going on and thriving where English isn't the spoken language, where the Stars and Stripes aren't flying high on flag poles.

    I guess I am just an arrogant, ignorant, American. But, America is all I know.

  3. Great Pictures Dorrie.
    Didn't know about the vowel ditty

  4. Wonderful pix! I've heard that little saying about the German vowels before, and had forgotten about it until now. lol. I hope that first 'guy' didn't try to molest you. Looks scary. Ha. Hugs.

  5. Amazing!!!! This is absolutely beautiful.

    HAve a wonderful weekend Westy.


  6. Great post....all of it. Have a great weekend :)

  7. Like Fijufic said: Amazing photos. I think I've seen pictures in New York (of a glass building like that). It's really incredible. I like the way the glass ebbs and flows like water -- good Fen Sui.


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  8. Dorrie, your pictures are wonderful! Thanks for letting us see too! :)

    Yay, you got to ride the train! I get to do that May 15th!

    The JS Traveling Tee Shirt is on it's way to you!

    Have a great weekend ! :)

  9. I like them, Dorrie, especially the old/new scene, and the last shot looking down the levels. Shapes and patterns are always interesting. Nice pics!

  10. And here I thought dinosaurs were extinct :)
    Great photos- somewhere that I'd definitely like to photograph and see different times of the day and how the light reflects.

    *hugs* Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Love the photos - some great shots

  12. I think I would have opted for hangin out with the dinosaur all day!!

  13. I love that building!

    Reminds me a little of the Bull Ring and that photo looking down is awesome!

  14. I love that there is a T-rex on the main square/street...awesome

  15. I love that building!
    (darn it, I meant to say that - I didn't know that Tris was going to say it too - I'm not a copycat, PROMISE!)
    I would go nuts too, taking 90 billion pictures. The lines and the curves and the feel and the texture and the - well, Tris said that I haaaaaddd to come over and see your entry, that I'd love the building, and he's right - thank you for sharing this! I'd LOVE to go there someday, preferably with YOU!!

  16. hello all! I'm so glad you enjoyed my photos... that's really motivating. THANK YOU!

    Today I was busy doing some spring cleaning.... and reading my book ("P.S. I love You") while laying on my sunny balcony! Weather is supposed to turn bad tonight... we shall see.

    Hope you are all having a great weekend!

    P.S. SunTiger... no idea if and when I'll get to do the tag :-(

  17. Awesome photos!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. I want one of those for my house!

  19. Very interesting!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  20. Thanks for sharing the photos. I love glimpses into other people's lives and what they see!

  21. Cool mall! Have a good week, Dorrie. *hugs*

  22. That dinosaur is so cool!

    The mall shots are great, I love the one looking down the middle.