Friday, April 10, 2009

Promised baby pictures....

Sure, some of you aren't big baby picture fans... tough! I'm posting them anyway!

Yes, Justfly, Shiana did turn TWO! I know it's hard to believe. It seems "Spunge Bob", or whatever it's called, is the big hit at the moment, so a cake was decorated to fit...

Of course Regina was there with her girls... here she's holding Priyasha while her Emely comes to give love...

and Tamara changing shoes for going outside....

Yep, even Priyasha is getting to be a big girl... she's "only" 2 months old, but already wide awake and curious!

Today was a beautiful day, weather wise. I spent quite some time just sitting on the balcony. I also got some of my recording done.

This evening Regina stopped by and we sat outside, having some nice mother-daughter chatting. She also came to pick up my bicycle, which I haven't ridden in years, because her girls are starting to ride and she needs one to keep up. I've been wanting to ride again, but......

Tomorrow I'll try to bake my traditional bunny cake, and on Sunday I'll be visiting Regina and her gang for Easter.

Once again, wishing all my faithful readers a Happy Easter!



  1. The Little ones are just so "beautiful" Our future looks to be in good hands! A very happy Easter Day to you and yours also

  2. beautiful day, beautiful family... :)

  3. Awww, nice baby pics!
    Have a great celebration with you family and Happy Easter!

  4. What charming kids! Each one of them. Are they going to shave Priyasha's head, as is customary in India? She is just a little DOLL! And that Grandma is one hot mama, too! ;-) Hugs.

  5. Time sure does fly by! I remember when she was just a baby and you posting pictures. You have such cute kiddos in your family!!! I for one, love these pictures, post as many as you like, I will for sure swing by. :-)

    Happy Easter!

  6. Oh, I (heart) SpongeBob SquarePants!

    Happy birthday to Shiana!!

    Speaking for myself, I never get tired of the baby pix (that baby is gorgeous as are all of your granddaughters). ;)

  7. Happy Easter Westy! Hope you and your family have a great time.

  8. Lovely pics, Dorrie! I hope you all enjoy the Easter weekend.

  9. Adorable photos :) Shiana is 2 already? Time sure has gone fast! I love all the pictures, everyone of them. :)

    Happy Easter to you and your loved ones, Dorrie!


  10. I cant see the pictures. Is Wheelies server having problems again??? Happy Easter to you and your family, Dorrie.

  11. Thanks for putting the picturs back up. I hope you guys had a good time today. (((hugs)))

  12. I like the bottom photo best. Happy Easter, Dorrie!