Thursday, April 16, 2009

So, what's been going on?

Not much actually, depending on how you see things.

On Tuesday Wheelie and I picked up the parts of my new closet... no, not IKEA this time but also do-it-yourself stuff. We carried the parts, some quite heavy, into the stairwell of my building, and pressed the button for the elevator. While Wheelie went to move his car, I put two small pieces in the elevator, pressed 8, and went up.... and got stuck! aaarrgggghhh Yep, on the 8th floor it stopped, but the door only opened half way and it was a bit higher then the floor. I was able to escape with the pieces, opened my apartment, then cell phoned Wheelie to ring the door of the landlord... who wasn't home. I went back into the elevator and pressed the emergency button. Within some seconds they replied and said they'd be sending someone over.

Well, no way were we going to carry all the parts up 8 floors, so we left it all in the stair well and waited to see what would happen. The elevator guy arrived, tried to repair it but to no avail. We then moved my stuff to the cellar so it would be in the way.

Yesterday, Wednesay, they got the elevator working again. I called my son to help me carry the parts from the cellar into the elevator und into my apartment... phew, at least that is done.

Oh, as a side note, yesterday was Wheelie's birthday!

No dancing this week because it's still Easter vacation. Today all my co-workers at my work place are going on a hike after work and then we're going out to eat together... it may be fun.

The weather has been just amazing!! But today the first showers may come. Well, nature needs it... it has been much to dry.

Oooops, it's getting late... I have to get ready for work! I'm still in my PJ's!



  1. OK, only silly me would catch what you said here--->We then moved my stuff to the cellar so it would be in the way. I think you left out a word. I'm LOL at work. You're a real meanie, aren't ya? HA! I know what you meant to say, but I chuckled when I read that.

    Good thing you didn't get stuck in the elevator yourself. Yikes! Wish Wheelie a belated Happy Bday from me. Hugs.

  2. It won't stop raining here...Spring has sprung.

  3. As usual I had to 'borrow' a few pictures fromj your previous posting of my HREATgrandkids, and am jealous of your weather! We're dry, but COLD until today, Have had to wear a jacket outside but today MAY jit the 70s (F)! - Dad

  4. I so relate to "no more Ikea" type flimsy stuff in my house. I'm too old for wanting to utilize milk crates for a bed frame/storage place under the kids bed (I have been there while raising my children alone -- don't want to do that again).

    I would LOVE to have a cellar (like you). I feel fortunate to have a wine closet in our garage (but no underground cool place for storing apples, etc., all winter). This entry gave me the idea that perhaps I shall make that a long-term goal (of building a cellar). :D

  5. What a fun chain of events...!!

  6. ooops, thanks Xanadu about the typo... I guess I was still half asleep (it was 06:15 a.m. when I posted lol). It should be WOULDN'T... geeez

    I just got back from dinner with the co-workers.... it went well. More in a new entry maybe tomorrow, it's almost bed time for me now.

    The rains are just starting to arrive here... the plant world really needs it.

  7. Ithought those things only happened to me lol.. I'm glad you finally got it all upstairs and hope that Wheelie had a great birthday *hugsss*

    Enjoy your upcoming weekend!

  8. Glad to hear the elevator got working again!
    Good to hear the dinner went well with your co-workers. We have been getting a lot of rain here, I guess nature is following her "April Showers"!

  9. Happy belated Birthday to Wheelie :)

    Glad you got out of that elevator, and geesh what bad timing, just when you had allll that stuff in there.

    Have a great weekend. ((hugs))

  10. well, i dont want you to leave here too so I wil comment once in a while now, Dorrie, sorry I let you down if I did, cher, you have nice interesting posts I guess I am just an ole stick in the Mud maybe why I don't comment much.

  11. You have an amazing life, Dorrie. Every day seems to be an adventure. I wish I had your love of life and happiness of spirit. You do make me feel good though. :)

  12. thank you all! I already started putting the closet together all by myself... it's not as difficult or complicated as I thought it would be, but I won't do much more alone, it's better to have a helping hand.

    It's been pouring rain since yesterday, but like I said, nature needs it. Anyway, it's a good excuse not to go on business trips. lol

    Tim, life is what you make of it. Some decidions are made by others and are hard to avoid, but many decisions you make yourself. Soon your life will make a big change and hopefully things will get better for you!

    So, time to get my coffee....