Saturday, April 18, 2009

The JS T-Shirt ... around the world

One of the former JS's most popular people, Sunny, had a great idea. She had ordered at one time a Journalspace T-Shirt and now, with JS gone, what to do with it? Let it travel! She decided to let it travel the world to former JS's!

This is Sunny, before sending it off....

I am priviledged to be the first recipient.... and it arrived here safe and sound.

Now it is my job to send it off to some other original journalspacer, after I get to keep it for a few days. I have decided next stop will be to Wizardress!

She will then decide the next destination. If any of you wish to take part, and you need to pass on your address, then I suggest you pm it to me at my JS Fun Forum (yes, it still exists!).

OK, that's all for now.... hopefully we will have nice weather for party tomorrow!



  1. How awesome is THAT!!! Count me in! Kinds like the Sisterhod of the Travelling Pants??? lol. What a great idea. You should already have my address. If not, let me know. Thanks. Hugs.

  2. Sunny actually got the T-shirt for free. I'm not sure why, but they had several laying around and she was one of the very few to get one of the ones they gave away.

    Dianne, I think that's what she had in mind when she thought up this great idea, was the sisterhood of the traveling pants.

    Oooh it's coming to me. Hmmm I'll have to figure out who to send it to next. I think this was an awesome idea *hugs*

  3. of course I have your address Diane, my dear Secret Santa person heehee

    I think I may just add some of the addresses of interested peeps, at least those I have, in the package to make it easier. Oh, this should be interesting!

  4. Afterthought here...We should keep a list with the shirt, showing all the people/places it has already been to, so it doesn't get sent to the same place twice. Hugs!

  5. I would like to do that too. Im in.

  6. Dorrie, that is so cool!! You guys are so creative. Great idea, you look fantastic!! :)

  7. It's going to be fun watching it travel!

  8. This is quite a story..... a bit like the travelling pants but it is OUR js T short. What stories it will have to tell.

  9. I gave mine to Angelina Jolie – she tells me she wears it always, to remind herself of those lost days of bliss we spent together, that it is the most treasured item she has, but is considering putting it up for auction when the price tops a million dollars.

  10. Very cool idea!!

  11. Oh, "awesome!" Gosh--Js lives on after all:)

  12. List is already started! Itiswell, I need yours... send me a pm.

    Simon, so so, and you think she will still be able to wear it in the next months? from what the news reports...... ;-)

    thanks everyone! it was a long day yesterday, and today is going to be busy... and I'm running late! ooops

  13. WHat a great idea! I'd be in, if postage to Oz isn't too expensive lol... I know, I'm such a long way away from everyone else :P


    (This makes me soooo happy) I have happy tears in my eyes. :)

    You look so great and such a happy smile in this photo, Dorrie!!!

    I'm so glad I could share with you all, "OUR" Traveling JS Tee Shirt. :)


  15. Dorrie, I just googled and have been... googling to try and find anything on the JS Tee Shirt!

    Soooo, does anyone know where the JS Tee Shirt is at this time, September 5th 2010 ?