Saturday, April 11, 2009

oooops and THE CAKE!

In case you are unable to see any photos in the previous entries, it seems that my server, where I store my photos, is down. Well, actually, it's Wheelie's server and I have space on it for my homepage.

The address is and it's full of pictures and information about me and my family. Since Wheelie is off on a biker tour with some buddies, it may be a while until he checks it out. Yeh, he's off on his Harley, without me! And with PERFECT weather!!

It's summer here and that is sooooo unusual for April! Crazy! But I like it! LOL

I went downtown today and ended up buying new shoes.... I need shoes like a hole in my head! geeez but they were marked down 20%! hah!

Tomorrow morning I'll drive to Regina's and in the afternoon Carsten will join us with his family. And the weather is supposed to stay nice! (sorry, no smilies... they are also on the server).

Well, I better get my Easter Bunny cake finished. It's already baked, but not yet decorated. I'll do it while watching our version of American Idle......

Happy Easter everyone!!



I uploaded it to photobucket since my server is definitely down... broken hard drive... hmmm, sounds familiar, doesn't it?


  1. Hi !

    please fix with pics. How I can follow your story without photos ??


  2. Glad I was able to see the photos. Now I want photos of the new shoes, and the finished Easter Bunny Cake. I made my Easter cake this morning. Happy Easter, Princess Dorrie. Hugs.

  3. A Happy Resurrection Sunday to you Dorrie.
    Thanks for all you do as a friend.

  4. Happy Resurrection Sunday, Dorrie. I love the cake. I wish I can do that. (((hugs)))

  5. I'm glad I got to see the pictures before the server went down, and that cake looks YUMMY!

  6. Just give me a fork. The Fat Man has arrived, and I love cake! :)

  7. That's a very impressive bunny cake. I've only seen them done as flat cutouts.

  8. The cake is darling! As are the lovely pictures of your granddaughters!! I hope your Easter was filled with much love, laughter, and joy!
    {{hugs}} Gina