Monday, April 20, 2009

More JS T-Shirt fun

Ah, Sunny, the T-Shirt has not yet continued it's travels.....I've got some "surprises" going on in my head and one of them I'll have to pm you about.

But one surprise is the following. As you know, I wasn't the only JS member around these parts.... Hah! Don't forget Wheelie and RFMadPad!!

The other surprise might take a little time... we shall see. *wink*



  1. How is RFmad pad?

    I sure do miss the old Jayess. Wonder when they will release the old code so we can get back to it.


  2. Hey!! :)

    These two look great! Yay! Yupo, lots of former super JS'ers that our Traveling JS Tee Shirt can go too. :)

  3. Wheelie and Regina look very proud to wear our JS shirt. :)

    I'm so happy! *does a happy dance* (in my chair)


    I've tried to get back to your forum, but no luck :(

    It says I don't have the proper stuff and I tried several names and passwords I had there.

  4. Dorrie- this t-shirt looks great on everyone! Wheelie's a handsome dude! Never heard of, RFMadPad, but she is gorgeous! Yeah, I know, you don't need to tell me, she's married. lol Probably way too young for me anyway. Rats!

    I'd ask to be on the t-shirt trip, but there's no way that baby would fit me! Plus, black is NOT a red head's color. :)

  5. This shirt is a story in pictures... Great idea.. I love it.

  6. What fun. That shirt sure does look good on them both.

  7. Sunny had such a great idea! It's great to see these photos!

  8. Tim, RFMadPad is my daughter, Regina! yep, she's married, mother of my two oldest granddaughters, and for sure too young for you... sorry 'bout that.

    I'm making a list of addresses to put together with the T-Shirt, so anyone wanting to be added, please notify me SOON. If you can't get into my forum for whatever reason, then send me an email at It's dumb that blogger has no pm system....

  9. i like this idea!

  10. Can't wait to receive the shirt! And tell Tim that black is an EXCELLENT color for redheads. I should know! lol. Hugs.

  11. Oops. lol Guess I stepped in it again. Oh well.

  12. Aw, Tim...We still love ya. lol. Hugs.

  13. Oh how cool! I think the shirt needs to come to Texas. I better get to your forum then....