Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy, busy, busy.....

so what else is new?

Here's a quick note before I rush off to work, for another busy day. This whole week has been filled with work stuff. The weather has been fantastic with temps reaching record highs for April.... it's almost scary.

Anyway, I did want to share with all of you a few pics of the birthday party last Sunday. Since my dance classes begin again tonight, I won't have much time for posting (or reading *snif*) in the next days.

Shiana with mom and dad cutting the cake, this time not Sponge Bob motive but Strawberry Shortcake motive.

The kids really loved the inflatable hopping castle... as you can tell by their expressions...

My son set up a cool tent and as you can see, there were lots of kiddies and parents and they all had a good time.

The JS T-Shirt will be delayed before I send it off on it's next adventure. After contacting Sunny, I have received her permission that we can all sign the shirt... that should make it even more special! I will include a note with the addresses of those interested in being a part, at least those addresses I already have (Itiswell... pm me!). It's awkward that blogger doesn't have a pm system, but we still have my forum or KCL.

Remember how we got all upset and bashed the owners of JS when it got slowed or crashed and some of you couldn't understand how a server could just die like it did? Well, if you thought it only happened to small, mediocre sites.... yesterday, ALL of t-mobile crashed, nationwide here in Germany and neighboring countries! For a number of hours, no cell phones worked, and soon the hot line got overloaded and their homepage crashed. Forty million customers unable to telephone! Some thought it was their cell, like Wheelie did, before it reached the news on tv. THAT was a biggy crash!

Oooops, I better get ready for work. Please don't worry if I don't read you but, as mentioned, I'm busy, busy, busy....



  1. What a fun party! (and holy crap about t-mobile! Hope it doesn't take too long to recover)

  2. Kate, t-mobile is back, working fine, after hours down, but they expect lots of requests for compensation! ooops Luckily my home phone and internet is a different provider... for exactly this reason! lol

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  4. Things are frantic here too. My time is being divided between school and my parents house.
    I am looking towards to the end of the semester and a little time off from school. We are suppose to hit 80s here this weekend! Thats high for us in the spring.

  5. I forgot to add that I like the cakes. You are a great cake baker. You and Lou should have your own shop. hehehe

  6. Strawberry Shortcake, how sweet! And you can't go wrong with having a tent, they're wonderful. YIKES about T-mo's servers - eek!

  7. Looks like the party was a hit! Our neighbors have one of those inflatable castles every year, and the kids have so much fun playing in it.

    I used to be with T-Mobile, but switched to ATT. Hugs.

  8. What an awesome party! Okay, gotta ask, did YOU get in the bounce house?!

  9. Great pics. Lovely party. I have t mobile but fortunately we were spared over here...These things happen.

  10. Looks like the party was a great time for all. The kids are sure enough cuties!

  11. thank you all for the comments.

    It's early Thursday morning and I'm doing my usual early morning check in before leaving for work. It'll be another LONG Thursday since dance classes start again.

    Sorry, but I DIDN'T back the cake this time! LOL I'm not in a mini-fraction as good as LoupyLou about baking! heehee

    I'm tired, but must get dressed and off to the office *sigh* see ya all around!

  12. I definitely need to visit Germany. It seems so beautiful, as I suppose I always thought it was from watching movies. Your pictures really make it real to me.

    You have a lovely family, Dorrie.

    Have a good week. :)

  13. See, when I think of going hours without anybody being able to talk on their phones, I think ... ahhhhh, heaven!

  14. The party looks fun.

    I hadn't heard about T-Mobile problem. Marcel has T-mobile but he didn't have any problems yesterday, but maybe it happened when his phone wasn't on. I'm glad they got it sorted though.

    have a great weekend *hugs*

  15. I need to think of words other than cute, adorable and fun! :p