Sunday, April 26, 2009

The FUN part of "busy, busy"...

The fun part of my busy stuff was of course the babysitting while mommy Regina had to work. Tamara and Emely were very good!

The weather was great so, instead of taking the car into town, we walked.... I think it was at least 2 km.

We passed by this weeping willow tree which I once planted YEARS ago... it's located just behind the house I once lived in with my ex.

As a reward to the girls, we stopped at the local ice cream parlor for a treat. Emely ran into one of her friends....

Tamara, as always, is our little dreamer...

On our way home we stopped by mommy's office...

We went home together, then I left to go off on the business trip. It went well, as usual, but boy was I tried by the time I got home!

And tomorrow morning I babysit Shiana and Priyasha.... oh the joys of being a grandma...



  1. Wow, looks like you have gorgeous weather! Glad that you had fun with the girls.

  2. That looks like a trip and a half and good for the girls for sticking it out and good for you for getting them out there. Mum is lucky to have you so close and able to be there for her and the girls.I know all about being a Gran as well. Maggs

  3. Sounds like you totally hate that Grandma title, huh? I'll just keep calling you Princess's that? lol. Those girls are so sweet. Nice that the weather was great, too. LOVE Weeping Willows. They're so pretty. Hugs.

  4. Yes Grand parents can spoil the grand children and then give them back to their parents.
    Do you know why grand children and grand parents get along so well???

    The have a common enemy

  5. Looks like so much fun!!! We used to have a weeping willow outside the house we lived in when I was very little. It had a rope swing on it & I lived hiding under there... :P

  6. Looks like yáll are getting the weather that we had last week. It's raining here now- I don't mind though, we need rain too, but I hope it clears up for Queens Day later this week.

  7. Wonderful post. Thing one and Thing two!!!!

    I know you had fun!!!!

  8. feeling sickish and ended up with a 102°F fever! I spent the rest of the day in bed, unable to do anything! Today I called in sick from work, and again spent most of the time in bed.

    I think my body is trying to tell me something.... like SLOW DOWN! *sigh*

    more later.....

  9. Tammi sure makes me think of a younr Regina for some reason - Dad