Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another busy, busy entry *sigh*

The days just seem to be none stop at the moment. I'm presently using my daughter, Regina's, computer... I spent the night here since I "have" to babysit this morning anyway.

And last night I could combine it with visiting the local flying club, where I once learned to fly. They were having a special evening, celebrating the end of a week of glider aerobatic training, and celebrating the 5 pilots who passed their exam. I met an old aquaintance there and we were able to exchange some fun flying stories.

When Regina comes home from work, around noon, I'll then leave, pick up a duty car (Sammi, what other word then "duty can I use? The word "business" just doesn't seem right lol), and drive off to a glider field located about an hour away.... and maybe visit one or the other airfield as well.

Then home I go and hopefully it won't be too late... I'd like to put my junk in my new closet finally.... with Wheelie's help, it is finally all set up. It took a whole week since we were both so busy. *sigh*

Tomorrow around noon a go off on a work trip again! But that'll be short and I can hopefully visit the line dance class afterwards.

Monday I took a vacation day so I can babysit Shiana and Priyasha in the morning, the afternoon should be FREE!

Tuesday afternoon, once again a work field trip. Wednesday an important meeting. Thursday? hmmm telephone duty, but I think there was something else, too. Oh, dance class!

Friday is a holiday! May 1st is always a day off.... and I always think of the scene in the movie "Camelot" with Guenivere (sp), when she meets Lancelot for the first time. I think I've watched that movie at least 20+ times.

Anyway, as you can tell, I will not have much time for posting or reading journals.... am I forgiven?

The kids are up and watching cartoons (yes, German tv also has cartoons on Saturday morning).

I need my coffee....



  1. Good Morning Dorrie, I hope you enjoy your busy days =) Hope everything goes well for you.

  2. Ah as spring settles in and summer soon approaching, the days getting longer, we all seem to get quite busy. As long as you're having some fun, all is forgiven!!

  3. have a good weekend dorrie xxxx

  4. You're forgiven!! Just enjoy your day.

  5. Take all the time you need as you spin like a dervish doing all you can. regina is blessed with you as a mum and those kids, I will bet love their gran. Maggs

  6. Quiet morning here with time to check YOUR entries! Glad you seem to keep busy a lot! Will only be 70° today, but lots of blooms here, too!

  7. The bus, baby-sitting grandma, Princess Dorrie! Yes, you have a full schedule, but I bet you wouldn't have it any other way, would you? HUGS!

  8. PS: That word is supposed to be "busy". DUH! Hugs.