Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vacation? well.....

As I've mentioned in an earlier entry, my office is being renovated. The past couple of days were spent clearing stuff out, between doing work. The guys in the room next door also had to remove their stuff. Yesterday the janitor came by and removed the desks into the hall way, blocking it! There better not be an emergency evacuation or anything in the next days..... (side note: I work in a government authority that, among other things, makes sure that companies abide by security and rescue regs... )

Yesterday I set up my computer in an empty office across the hall... it is only empty because the gal who is supposed to use it, can't. During her renovation they used some kind of chemical that makes her choke up and get a scratchy throat. Well, for the one day I offered to be a guniea pig and see how it affects me. It does smell odd in there, but I survived... I think. My slight head ache and moodiness was more due to the stress that went on and not the chemicals. The room is going to be tested soon since she must move in there soon! We don't have extra rooms available and SHE is using the desk of a gal who happens to be sick at the moment. Crazy, right?

Anyway, because of the situation, I put in for two days of vacation, today and tomorrow. I had hoped to visit that big avaiation convention in southern Germany, but that won't happen...all hotels are booked solid!

But it turns out, I have to go to a meet in Frankfurt today. Yep, I HAVE to go! It's a safety issue involving a helicopter that is planning to heave some heavy air conditioning units to the top of a skyscraper soon and was a short-notice meeting with all involved. Anyway, I'll take the train into Frankfurt, and my boss will make sure I get the time compensated for. But it sure spoils all my plans. I'll catch the train around 09:00 a.m. and be in town until around 1:00 p.m., breaking up the whole day. Then later this afternoon the usual dance class...

Well, this is surely not getting anything constructive done. At least the weather is great... SPRING IS HERE! The sun is shining and the temps are getting up to almost 20°C (68°F).

MAYBE I'll manage to get some nice pictures to share.....



  1. almost 20? It is 25 here and I consider this cold! Maggs

  2. it's 15 here can't wait for it to get warmer

  3. It's 30 F. here right now. I'm on my way to Germany. lol. Hope you get some free time during your vacation, to do what you want. Hugs.

  4. It's still -9°C today. I keep hoping for a full week of plus temps. Have a good trip!

  5. Only going to be 68° (F) today with mostly clouds but NO rain (DRAT!) 'They' say we may get up into the 70s tomorrow but the "weather guessers" are often wrong! - Sorry you had to miss that big show!

  6. That stinks about having to go to the meeting and missing your show! I hope you are able to get some time for yourself.

    I am jelous of your weather!! We are still pretty chilly here.

  7. Hope you are able to actually enjoy some of your vacation days.

    Have a great weekend. Isn't this weather wonderful? I'm loving it!


  8. Hope you have beautiful weather this weekend, you deserve it! :)