Monday, February 2, 2009

What's the date today?

This morning while driving to work, I kept thinking about today's date, February 2nd. There was something "special" about it, but I couldn't put my finger on it. No one I know has a birthday on this day, so what does this day mean?

Then it dawned on me..... 39 years ago was my "official" wedding day! Yep, on Feb. 2, 1970, I got married. In my series in the old JS about how I got to Germany, I had reported about my civil wedding ceremony in Germany. That was on this day, in knee deep snow. Aw, didn't I/we look cute?

Ah, you noticed the 3 stripes on Michael's sleeve. He was a young co-pilot for Lufthansa back then, and the only dark suit, I think the ONLY suit, he had was his uniform, so he wore that. Little did we know he should have had permission from his company about it, but he didn't get caught (hear that QueenofSky?). He also wore it to the church wedding a few weeks later in California... but no Lufthanseats over there so again we got lucky.

Anyway... I almost didn't write about it after reading Wizardress' entry... today is her 5th wedding anniversary with Marcel! Sorry, Wizzy, I hope it's not a bad omen!

I guess that's all to report from my world today. No snow yet here, though large parts of Europe are covered, including England, Spain, Italy, and France.

Don't forget to check the JS member list and send me any changes or additions... I have been up-dated daily because of some I have found myself or received.

I hope you all have a good start to the new week.



  1. I remember seeing this picture in JS. Happy Anniversary??? lol. You both look sweet and innocent in the picture (please tell me you were!) HA!

    It was so nice over the weekend, now it's back down to 3. Plus, it's almost as cold in here (you read my last entry) as outside. Well, not THAT cold, but I'm still freezing to death, and getting tired of it. HUGS!

  2. and the genesis of your family begins here...

  3. we got loads of snow Dorrie, its wonderful!!!I remember this photo and you looked so cute, still do!

  4. You both do look cute. :) I remember this one from JS Land.

    I have been watching the snow over there in Europe! It's so pretty!

  5. As others have said - you look so cute. And nice choice of name for your husband (ex-yikes)

  6. How sweet. Funny how time flies and even though the marraige may have bombed you have your children and the grandbabies.. While you have snow we have heat and bushfires. Maggs

  7. Did I mention how nice it is of you to keep us all together? I keep finding people I thought was gone forever.
    Thank You

  8. Another auspicious thing about Feb 2nd?? Groundhog Day!!!

    I too remember this pic from JS. All past experiences create who we are today, so happy Anniversary!

  9. good morning! thank you all for the comments.

    I'm surprised at how many of you remember that photo! I will perhaps republish the "How I came to Germany" series... the next chapter would have been the church wedding. We shall see....

  10. Good morning, Westy, I made it! Hehe!
    Great pic up there- your a pretty lady.
    Happy Anniversary.

  11. it;s quite funny when you look back at days isn't it and how life changes