Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Short up-date and an amazing aviation story

This is just a short up-date about my world before I leave for work. Tonight is dance class, again.... the weeks are just going by so fast!

Not much else actually to report. No news about my son's new baby... she's still staying nice and warm in her mommy home. We're having cold but dry weather..... NO snow like in London and other parts of Europe.

I wanted to share with you the story about a young gal, Jessica Cox, who was born without arms and learned to fly! Yes... it's a true story. My dad sent me an email about her. I found some videos on youtube but couldn't link them in here and I have no time to mess with it. But do go to google or youtube and search for "Jessica Cox" and read of her amazing tale.... it's VERY inspirational!

So, off I go...



  1. Hi Dorrie
    Thanks for all your good thoughts.
    Say HI to your dad for me. I miss his sea stories and awesome pictures. Does he have a new blog? I would like him to post those pictures again.

  2. hope you have a good week-peace Jonny

  3. Have a great dance class, like last week. I'll have to check that story(ies) out, on Jessica Cox. Keep us posted on the new baby. Hugs.

  4. Hiya Westy. No arms and legs is pretty difficult.


  5. I could not keep up with your schedule :-) Have a good evening, Dorrie!

  6. I don't know why, but I can't picture you in dance class.

    Like I said, I dunno why.

  7. Awww, hopefully you'll have some baby news ANY TIME NOW!!!

  8. hi all! Just back from dance class. I guess I'll have to post the vlog again.... ;-)

    Still no baby news... due date is the 10th.

    Today was a shit day at work, but then, what else is new?

    Now off to visit some of you....

  9. I bet you and your family are getting antsy about the new grandbaby. Im sorry you had a lousy day at work. (((hugs)))