Thursday, February 5, 2009

blogging less... *snif*

Yep, I'll be blogging less and also visiting journals less... yeh, right, ME! Well, there are many reasons for it.

1) since the old JS crashed, something has changed. Yes, we are managing to keep in contact with the people we really got to like, yet... where are they? I used to enjoy reading so many people's blogs, but too many are not up-dating at all any more. I was a big fan of JS not because people would visit me, but I just had to keep up to date on YOU all!

2) 91 followers? where are they? if you don't leave a comment, I don't know if you stopped by. And I know that sometimes you can't comment... happens to me often enough. I try to read all the blogs I follow, but it's not easy and I feel bad. There are few of you I really care for, and I thought you cared for me, but I see you comment elsewhere and don't even stop for a peek here. *cry* No, I won't mention any names....

ok, I need to rant and whine a bit... it was a hard day at work...

3) time is always a factor. Since I live alone, I can check in more often then maybe many of you. But obviously I can't spend my restricted free time online . (I will anyway).

4) jumping from blogsite to blogsite is a pain in the.... and at the new JS I am being bombarded with spam and nothing is being done about it! There's another new site out there being run by a former JS'er... format is somewhat like the new JS, but it's working better. I'll "pimp" it pretty soon. I'm not sure if he's ready for the unrush of new members! And no, lit's not Wheelie (though he is also working on something.... ).

5) I enjoyed creating and designing layouts for people. But here it's so easy for everyone to load up their own, and I haven't had time to really work on ones for those of you I promised. Yes, Pastor Larry, I still want to finish yours, and a few others, but time.... *sigh*

6) As of today, we can't visit our favorites sites at work... we're being controlled! It reminds me of big brother. Yep, because too many idjits spent TOO much time privately online, most sites are being blocked. If we need them for work reasons, we can click a link and bypass the block.... BUT.... all visits are registered!! So that can mean not even a quick check, no chance to comment writing, not even my own blog... heck, my own homepage is blocked! I can't even show anyone pictures of my grandkids anymore!!

I don't know, maybe it's the crazy weather, maybe it's the stress at work, maybe it's hormones, maybe it's.... I don't know.

There are many entries ideas going around in my head so maybe I will still be around .... just perhaps with some longer breaks. Again I offer to all of you the use of my forum for private messages and such, but I would appreciate a posting once in a while so that I know it's still being visited and needed.

OK, enough of my woes... I know some of you are going through some much worse things at the moment. Many of you have often mentioned how blessed I am.... yes, I realise that and I wonder often why I have been so lucky. I've gone through some pretty tough times, but somehow in the end things worked out pretty well. One day I may write a very long entry about it all.... some "events" were down right scary!

Boy, how's this for rambling?? not like me at all.... so enough! I hope you guys are all doing good.... let us know! {hugs}


The new site: keep connected live ... yes, the name is complicated, but try it out! Like I said, the format is like the new JS, which I'm not all the thrilled about (as if you didn't know), but I think it'll be better!

And now you're wondering, which JS'er is behind it? should I tell you? do you really want to know?

Well, he goes by "Easysleeper"..... better known to some of you as the hubby of our dear, wonderful, lovely EVILFURY!!! YES!


  1. Oh I hear ya, on so many points... sigh...

  2. Hold tight. This is an uglier transition than we expected.

    I use google reader to keep me in touch.

    yes, I miss Jayess but this is the best I can do at the moment.

    You can't give up. You are the glue for everyone.


  3. aw, thanks you guys. I need LOTS of motivation at the moment! {hugs}

  4. I average about 55 visits a day, and that's down from JS, but people are still commenting and I really appeciate it. Sure, some people don't always comment but that's alright - as long as they comment on the entries that interest them I don't feel left out.

  5. Big hugs Westy - the work thing sounds rotten. I'm so glad you've kept us all together so well. Also, I recommend a site-meter thingy to your blog - I like it to see how many visits I've been getting and from where - I can usually make an educated guess as to which former JSers they are with the map feature.

  6. thanks ladies...

    Lunamor, I have a site meter but it's still not the same as the ole JS stats. And the feedjit thing I'll probably delete soon... I never did like it. All those German links that show up are me, checking in here... and always showing I'm from a different town! lol I sure get around!

  7. I SO hear you on the people signed up as following my blog, but never EVER stopping by. I know that a lot of them switched to wordpress or JS, but I read as many of the blogs I follow as I can, and 99% of the time I leave a comment, unless I don't know what to say. If you don't blog as much as you used to, I'll go through withdrawals. I need my Westy fix daily. You're my drug! HA! I understand the things in life keep us busy, too. I go to blogspot at work, but am careful to delete my browing history after each time I stop by. Don't know if they have a way to track things or not, if I do that. My boss lives on ebay, so they better talk to him first! He, he. Hope the rest of your week goes well. HUGS!

  8. Leaving a comment so you know I stopped by!

    I miss not being able to see who stopped by and whatnot.

  9. Dorrie ~

    I understand your frustration. Losing JS was a big blow to many people and quite frankly, I don't think some of them having recovered from the loss. I think it was akin to losing a best friend suddenly and without warning. One day it was there and then it was simply gone, and gone forever.

    I myself, was right in the middle of posting up a huge entry I'd spent over two hours on writing when JS went down as I clicked the publish button.

    Honestly, I've never seen anything like this before in an online community. The blogs that I read are sometimes filled with words of despair, anxiety and depression. People seem to feel lost, detached, disenfranchised and so terribly lonely. It's almost like JS and the friends people had there were their whole world, and when it was literally ripped away from them, a big part of their lives died.

    Now, many folks are walking around in an online fog, unsure of what to do, where to go or how to pick up the pieces and move forward again.

    It's all so sad and I'm afraid nothing will ever be quite the same again for many former JS'ers.

    Wishing you all the best. Big hugs, my friend.


  10. I think part of the reason may be that it’s because there’s no record of which member has visited that people are updating less. Those who write principally to express themselves, and who aren’t too worried about who reads their blog, carry on as before. But those who principally write to entertain others get less feedback – even if that reduced feedback is not knowing who’s visited – and therefore have less incentive to write (a site meter is all very well, but not much use if you want to see which particular Blogger has visited). That’s certainly how it is with me anyway – along with the fact that I was decreasing the number of entries I was making even back on JS.

    I think you have to accept that things won’t be the same again, and never will be, even if Journalspace were to be resurrected in its original form.

  11. *stopping by to read*...I am too tired to comment now...I will be back.

  12. Have you loaded some sort of counter on your blog? I use Sure makes it a lot more fun when you can see that someone has actually visited! (Even if you aren't sure who they are.)

  13. I feel much the same as you, girlie....I just don't know if I have the time to do switch between 3 different sites (well 4 if you count the original Wordpress site).

    I certainly do agree that you have been the glue that held us all together for the past couple months.....thank you.

  14. yeah, don't give up. i read a lot, but don't often have time to post comments. i do like it here, but i liked knowing who stopped by, that was really cool..

  15. Since I've been here, there are several people who've I've befriended and try to read when I can. Try adding those folks to the new JS refugees & it's impossible to roll by everyone's page. Blogging on the regular is almost like a job, and it only pays in visits and comments.

    Try not to take it too personally, Westy. Been there, Felt that. Life is full of distractions & dramas & work & family & relationships & STUFF. Someone can have mad love for you & still not visit so often... simply because they are consumed by the STUFF of life.

    Remember that & keep doing & being YOU, my friend.

    Snatch JOY!



  16. I miss JS too. I hope that you keep posting. Who else has such cute grandkids?

  17. I left a long comment when I was here before. Where did it go? Gaaaaaaaah.

    Someone should write a novel about a group of people who come together via an online community, and what happens when the online community goes kaput.

  18. Hi Westy.....*waves* Mary, get Bluemoaner or Birmo on the job of writing that book. I think it would be good.

  19. Hi, Dorrie! I read here all the time, but I don't always comment. I agree that things are never going to be the same. I wish we could talk Blogger into putting in a customizable home page, that only updates our faves.

  20. good morning all.... and thank you soooooo much!! I really needed this motivation.

    I guess you guys don't see the counter I have... I don't remember having it has "hidden". Maybe I should check that.

    It's nice to know that all my efforts weren't for nothing. Sure, I'll keep blogging... heck, I'm addicted! lol

    I'm like weeds in the yard... you can't get rid of me! *lol...I crack me up*

    and.... it's FRIDAY once again! yooohoooo

  21. I always find that on my fave blogs something always happens when I try to comment... my laptop is playing up and shuts down randomly. So when I get back up online I forgot where I was. It's a pain jumping from site to site isn't it? Following makes it easier but only for Blogger or WP blogs!

  22. Timbrook nailed it on the head. I am no longer interested in posting on the new JS. I have found my friends either here or on wordpress.

    I know what that you are a very busy lady. I hope you stay in contact as much as possible. I look forward to your visits and I take comfort knowing that you understand and visa versa what you are going through with your parents.

    I am comfortable on blogspot. So I will remain here. There is no place like home, and the old JS is gone so there is no home for me now on the web except here or Facebook. I actually spend a lot of time on facebook connecting with all of my JS friends their or on your website. Take care hon. Please visit your friends as much as possible. Like Bobby said, thanks to you, you are the clue that holds this group of refugees together and I thank you for that. (((hugs)))

  23. I wouldn't be too concerned about people not commenting on your journal ... I think that's the hard day at work talking :) However I understand your other dilemmas. I HATE being controlled at work! Do they realize how much that sort of thing diminishes morale?

  24. I guess my biggest disappointment in coming here from JS is that I thought some of my so called friends would take the effort to follow me to this place. Can they not make a shortcut? Or perhaps they were never really friends at all. Aside from you and Tuesday (hi, Tuesday), it appears I've lost everyone. Maybe it doesn't really matter. I've picked up some new readers and I've found some wonderful blogs on here, so maybe it really doesn't matter where I hang my words.

    I have no idea where I'm going with any of this so I'll just stop now.

  25. Just stopping by to say hi again and I hope you have a great weekend! *hugs*

    Also...don't you owe some shoe porn to the JS journal, young lady? :D

  26. Lunamor, I was the FIRST one to post shoe porn! LOL

    I just got home from my daughter's... will make a new entry soon, hopefully tonight already :-)

  27. I still like you, but time just gets away from me. I care and a big thank you for doing all that you have done.

  28. I have been awful with the new blogging sites. I don't know why but it just isn't the same for me anymore. I think losing a lot of my entries really threw me.. I do love you and I hope you know that. I'm on facebook quite a lot lately, it's just easier. I have found some really old friends and have actually been on the phone more than online these days. I'll check out the new place when I can. Right now it's hard enough just to update here and read people. Love to you :)

  29. Was that when the authors' names weren't with the posts? I think I didn't know it was you - must have another look!

  30. Hi Dorrie. :) Glad I am able to catch up on my reading today......I'm sorry, I have'nt felt like reading/commenting/blogging....but you know why. ;)

    I absolutely Loveesss your entries and especially the ones of the kiddies. I always comment when I read your blogs and try to comment each time you post something....if I'm able too.

    Say what??? Now another 'new JS' is in the oven baking?? I wish them good luck and let's wish and hope and pray it is much better than the new spam JS.

    Going to read your updates, now. :) Love and ((hugs))