Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Legend of the Furies; The Jayesse Saga

Once upon a time there was a well loved land called Jayesse. It was a happy place where people enjoyed sharing each other's tales.

But then, as often happens, problems and woes arose. The Furies were called upon to save Jayesse, but to no avail... Jayesse as it was no longer exists. They lost to the Peanuts, then they lost to a major desaster..... and the Furies separated to various other lands.

Read about the Tale of the Furies and the Legend of Jayesse....

Once upon a time......


  1. Oh where oh where was "I " during all of this ?! I am ashamed I was not there, to help you out.

    I love your series that I just read....

    I have lost some meaningful stories from my "IrishLady" blog in the old JS, and will not (as hard as I've tried) be able to re-write the same as in there.

    It's gone, gone along with all the special things our precious former JS Land "was."

    However.....I do have my two stories I saved into my Documents file about New York, and the one about my breakup with DarkAngel.

    I'm grateful for that.

    I kept seeing Fury names on the old js homepage but had no idea (no clue,lol) to what it was and who was in it.

  2. Ah yes, the time I spent as Ella’s prisoner, being manipulated by her in order to further her insatiable lust.

    Happy days. *ahem* I shall have to make another Angelina entry to compensate – I have sorely missed her.

  3. I guess I miss JS less than most of the others here, because I had deleted my journal before it went down. I'm happy here, and just wish the people who went to JS2 would stop by occasionally, and not abandon us. You know who I'm talking about, don'tcha? Hugs.

  4. Judy, I think that was during your short break... and then you just didn't catch it. Pity... I would have made you a fury! lol

    Those were "fun" times Simon. I tried to continue the tale last year... I forget now the reason... but no one read it so I stopped. And those entries (very short and not valuable) were lost in the big crash.

    I agree Xanadu... lately the reading seems to have dropped in general everywhere.

  5. I loved that story... I sotra wondered about all those furies on JS.
    I really miss JS

  6. Awww, this made me long for the good ole days.. **sigh** Oh well, such is life I suppose. Hope you are having a good weekend. I guess it's almost Sunday there now. Thinking of you.. **Hugs**

  7. Oh how fun to read that again. Glad you saved it!


  8. I am delighted you have this to share. You know soemthing - you should write.

  9. good morning! yes, it is Sunday already and I'm getting ready to drive off to duty *sigh*

    I re-formated the story yesterday and I thought it would be fun to share. I don't think writing such a story like that would be possible on these other sites, same with Secret Santa and such.... the old JS was special.

  10. Dorrie, you have a wonderful and gifted imagination. Your heart is gentle and pure. It's no wonder you are so popular and were so popular on the old JS. You truly are a very special and unique person. :)

  11. "Ditto" what Timbook2 said. :)

    Thankyou for sharing your Fury Stories with us, Dorrie!

    {hugs} and I hope you are having a nice Sunday, whether at work, or when you get home. :)

  12. I was reading this rather long thread of comments on your JS blog and seeing all kinds of discontent about something - rather petty I thought. It seems only normal that there might be some disgruntlement with JS and the fact that it's basically gone forever as it used to be. I'm wondering if this new host's owners - they should have changed the name because it ain't the JS I used to know - are going to do anything with it like it used to be.