Monday, July 16, 2012

Finally an update!!

Has it really been MAY since my last entry? Geeeeez, that's sooooo unlike me! Well, the blogger me I used to be.....

And a lot has been happening. As of TODAY, I am now on permanent vacation... in other words, early retirement! YOOOOHOOOOOOO  My good-bye party on Juli 3rd at the office went really well. I'll stop by tomorrow to turn in my office keys and ID's.

Last Friday was my daughter's 36th birthday! She arranged a lovely party, which went really well in spite of pouring rain (standard condition here the past weeks.... more like April then July! grrrrrr)

It's decided.... I'm moving, again! I have until end September so that gives me enough time to get things in order. The new place doesn't have internet yet, which is one reason I haven't been blogging or even keeping up on facebook.  I hope to get it installed this coming weekend.... we'll see.

This is a view of my future home. It has a huge yard in the front and back.

Anyway..... that's my world at the moment. I'll keep you updated once life slows down! (LOL)


  1. Congrats on becoming a "lady of leisure". ;)


  2. Oh, how exciting! The retirement of work then a new home! (awesome!)
    I'm so excited for you. Perhaps your new and lovely yard will inspire you to do all kinds of things, especially write:)
    Congrats, Westy! Hope to see you up and running before long.

    Hugs from Canada))))))

  3. WOW, big changes! Looks like a lovely new home. I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Cheers and congratulations especially on the complete change of direction your life has undertaken. Sending you love and more love....


  5. it's great news! congratulations! life is good! looking forward to reading your posts again.

  6. I hope this is your last move for a long time. Moving is a lot of work. The place looks lovely.

  7. How did I miss this??? Welcome to the wonderful life of retirement. It sure agrees with me and I hope it does with you.... Blog more now.

  8. Congratulations of your retirement! Hope the move went well! Big hugs to you!

  9. Hi Westy !! oops...Dorrie :) Congrats on your retirement, and that's a pretty home...and you have a beautiful yard too!!! Enjoy it 8all* ! :) Hugs, Sunny

  10. sorry for typo...supposed to be Enjoy it *all* !