Monday, May 14, 2012


yes, I've been neglecting my journal again. SORRY!  My excuses? well... busy (final days at the office... only 6 more weeks to go!).... and just plain boredom! oooops

I HAVE been reading a number of your journals.... but I haven't been commenting.... again, SORRY!

This week I have vacation and I'm trying to get some things done, like cleaning my balcony. Today I took the train to Frankfurt to check out something to keep me busy after I stop working..... I'm considering going back to college (eh, university)!! But first I have to see if they'll accept my (old) American school records... I'll find out next week.

So, that's all for now.... {{{hugs}}} to all!


  1. and "hugs" to you also my dear lady

  2. Whacha gonna study?

    If they won't accept US credits, sue 'em
    for violatin' yer civil rights.


  3. I'm hoping of studying ancient archeology (sp ?), like what Pastor Larry did. I'll find out next week if they accept me.....

  4. Hey there, I got your name from Dee's site at SilentWhisper...I think it's a great idea to go back to school as an adult. That's something I've often thought of doing as well...good luck on the acceptance, and it's nice to 'meet' you!

  5. Well, Westy good to see you (hugs).You know a week away from posting is a long time in the writing world,lol (teasing u).Time catches up and so will you. The winter will surely bring us all to writing again, least of all more frequent:)

    Good luck with school, by the way, I think its a marvelous idea!
    My thoughts will be with you:)

  6. Hi Dorrie :) Much good luck on the university classes ! Yay! I think that is wonderful! Well your retirement time is about here, yippee :) I'm counting the weeks down too, for my son and wife and 2 of my grandkids visit here for a week in July :) It's great to read you here again, my friend !

  7. I hope you will post again soon Dorrie, I'm missing our JS family.

  8. It's a time of big transitions. Best wishes to you as you start this new chapter.

  9. i miss the old JS too. nothing compares.