Saturday, December 3, 2011

Justfly-ing around!

We actually met!! Justfly, KCL'er and former JS'er, flew with a friend to visit German Christmas markets. First stop was Frankfurt, and no way were we going to miss this opportunity.

Their adventures during the trip over (Jeanette getting trapped in a restroom, Justfly losing her luggage, etc.) I'll leave for Justfly to write about. I met them at their hotel, then we walked downtown. First stop was the top of one of Frankfurt's skyscrapers....

It was cold and windy but still groovy!

As the sun went down, and the Christmas lights became prettier, we walked to the Christmas market. They were awed at the crowds on a Thursday night! Of course they tried the "famous" German mulled wine.....

We had dinner at a typical German restaurant. Then we walked back to the hotel so they could crash... it had been a long day for them.

The next morning I returned to the hotel where I joined them for breakfast. We then packed their stuff into my car, drove to the airport to pick up Justfly's lost suitcase, then on the my quaint medieval village. First stop there.... my daughter's office so she could also meet them (kids were in school unfortunately)....

Then a walk through town...... here Justfly sitting on the "stocks" of the Witches Tower....

 After a stop at my apartment, then I took them to the train station so they could ride to their next stop, Nürnberg, to visit the famous Christkindl Market and after that, Munich.

It was such a FUN and lovely two days!!! I extremely enjoyed my time with them and hope we'll have a repeat visit some day, with more time to spend in MY world!!



  1. What a great time!! I'm so glad you guys got to meet up!! xx

  2. That sounds like great fun for all of you. I'm glad you got to meet in person. Gosh, I miss JS.


  3. What a great story!Glad ya got to meet in person at last

  4. thanks everyone for the comments! Our visit was so great, I hope it gets repeated!

    And as usual, I invite you all to a similar tour anytime!

  5. Awwww,I have been craving to go to the Christmas markets since I first heard of them years ago. I hope I get to see you one day soon too!

  6. Nice pics, as always : )

  7. How cool that you all hooked up. I am impressed that you have a witch's tower nearby. That definitely triggers the curiosity, and imagination.