Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still around......

Sorry, I haven't been posting much lately. How are you guys going to get to know me if I don't write more often?

Life has been much too busy lately as well.... so what else is new?  My second (of four) granddaughters, Emely, the one in the birthday pictures in the entry below, started her first day of school. It's a German tradition that the kids get a "cone" with lots of goodies in it (sweets, pencils, erasors, other school stuff) to "sweeten up" the first day.

It was all quite exciting for her. The picture above was taken in the local church where they had a service (protestand and Catholic together) for all the kids and their family. We then went to the school where they were greeted by their new teachers and we could tour the class rooms. They only have 2 first grade classes this year with only 18 kids in each! Her sister, Tamara, started 3rd grade and there are only 15 kids in her class. Ah the country life!

There was even a picture in the local newspapers and only my little Emely is recognizable! lol (here without her glasses)....

Do I sound like a proud granny!   

Our weather has been lousy this year. We had summer in April and May (too early) and since then it's been more like autumn! Too rainy and too cold! And then I tripped and fell, TWICE within 10 days, making my abilities to be active, or creative, restricted. Luckily I only sprained my wrists and knees....nothing broken.... but that was bad enough. I went to two dance events and couldn't dance! What a torture that was! *sigh*

Anyway, I'm feeling better and maybe I'll feel like getting things done and being productive again. I have so many projects planned!

OK, enough for now....



  1. They are growing so fast. Interesting tradition: the cones filled with goodies and supplies. I'm sure she will have a very good first day of school!! Proud Gramma: indeed.

  2. Well I'm glad your feeling better! I'm sure you'll be up and dancing before too long:)
    Love the photo's! The cone is a great idea-so thoughtful of an idea-surely a good memory for her in the years to come and look back upon:)

    Glad your here Westy, still writing, even if its popping in and out as we all do...no worries.
    Big hugs from Canada))))))))))

  3. Glad you are doing good. I love that tradition. Awesome. Yes! The country life and back to smaller classrooms would be great!!!!!

  4. Westy - Be careful. The old saying in The ER is that "It all starts with a fall"


  5. I'm gonna have to get you training wheels for your Keds. You be careful! I can't believe how fast your grandkids are growing up, or mine either for that matter. :)


  6. thank you everyone!

    sorry I don't reply earlier, but you know.... time zones and such.

    I've been wearing sneakers all week, avoiding using high heels *sigh* no fun! :-(

  7. I remember those cone-like things... Schultüten!

    I still have a picture of myself, holding one in my arms. Of course, that was such a long time ago, we had little dinosaurs as pets...

  8. Nice to see a new post Dorrie.
    Thanks for the pyramid link :-)