Monday, July 18, 2011

Photo Quiz answers....

As always, the past days were busy.... but now here's the result of the photo quiz...

The first one is an amazing helicopter site at a clinic. They had no place to put one on the roof so they set up the special platform...

and the second was an easy one....a Ferris Wheel. This one is set up in the town I work in once a year at a big festival... right in the middle of town, with some main streets completely closed for 4 days.

with a fantastic view....

I hope you all enjoyed this little game...



  1. well, I wake up and find no comments. *snif*

  2. I have never seen an elevated helipad before. There is a ground-level pad near our main hospital, but we have the available real estate :-)

    I like Ferris wheels, but don't completely trust them...

  3. I went on Bike Ride through Seashore State Park and came upon a helipad in someone's backyard once we went through Linkhorn...

  4. I went by the old blog and saw you left a message for me as recently as June 2011. lol. You are too sweet. I am well...cannot complain. Still in London! Life is content.

  5. hi tamale!! So glad to hear from you. Gosh, London... so close (1 hour flight) yet so far.

  6. The life of the postgrad! No time. I have only left the UK to go home...for a much needed break. Hope all is well with you!

  7. That thing doesn't look like a helicopter pad from below, it looks like a giant trampoline!