Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new year, remembering days gone past....

Some weeks ago my ex (finally) gave me some cartridges of slides. He prefered slides over paper film but we rarily got to see them... such a hassle to set up a projector and screen! (P.S. I assume you all heard that Kodacrome film is no longer being made and/or developed? Go google it....). Anyway, since the older madel slide scanner he gave me wouldn't work on my comp, I went and bought a newer one and finally started scanning the slides.

The quality is not as good as vieweing them on a screen, but at least I have managed to digitalize some of them finally. Among them are some awesomely cute pictures of my kids!

I think this is one of my new favs... me with my daughter, Regina, on Christmas 1977...

and my son, Carsten....

and Regina practicing to become a good mommy...


It's almost hard to believe that they both now each have two children of their own!

Last night I attended an Irish Dance performance with my friend Kornelia, one of my dancers and now good friend. The two of us went on the Greek Island Cruise last May together and had a great time! We then went to her home, which is only a 3 minute drive from mine, to talk and watch fireworks (which are legal for private use only on New Years). So I got off to a very nice start in the New Year!

Welcome 2011! May you bring joy and HAPPY surprises!



  1. Hi Dorrie! Yes I sure remember about the Kodachrome ~ and there's a video about the last of it, closing down shop...on YouTube.

    Adorable pictures ! The color is amazing ~
    Is that a "Betsy-Wetsy" doll ? They were quite popular, back in the days.

    I love the look on Carston's face !

    Welcome 2011! You betcha! Thanks~ and I hope it brings *you* joy and happy surprises :)

  2. Awww... :-)
    Happy New Year, Dorrie!

  3. I wish I'd taken more photos of my girls when they were little like that. Unfortuantely there are no "do overs" on such things.

    Happy New Year, Dorrie. :)


  4. Fantastic!! Seems like it was just yesterday when you look at the pictures doesn't it?