Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As the new year continues....

Things have been quite hectic the past days.... ok, when is it NOT hectic in my world???

Last Saturday my daughter-in-law, Karen's, mom died. She had been sick for some time, and when my son, Carsten, arrived in Mumbai with his family on New Year's day she was in intensive care. She no longer is suffering.... those of you who pray, could you pass on a few her way? Thanks....

Last night I picked up Carsten and his youngest daughter, Priyasha, from the airport. Karen will stay another 4 weeks in Mumbai with the older girl, Shiana. Carsten had to return to work and they have a day-care mom to take care of Priyasha during the day. I have to work myself but will help when needed. Another 18 months, then I could help full time (retirement! lol).

Here's a recent picture of me with Priyasha...

Last Sunday I finally invited two of my long time dance students, who happen to live in my new town, over for coffee. Annemarie has been dancing with me since 1978! I'm not sure when Kornelia started dancing with me, but it's been around 25 years for sure. Last May Kornelia joined me on that cruise to the Greek islands. It was soooo much fun and we got along quite well, like sisters.

After wonderful weeks of white snow, and lots of it, the temps have risen, the snow has completely melted, and there's lots of flooding (though not like in Australia). What weird weather there has been all over the world!

OK, that's all for today...



  1. Prayers going out for Karen's mom.

    Enjoy that warmth while you have it. You never know about tomorrow.


  2. Sorry for your loss. Im sending prayers to all.

  3. I'm sorry to read about the loss...

    I'll bet your dance students all love you very much.


  4. thanks guys....

    sorry I'm not around much lately, just not in the blogging mood, or almost any mood for that matter! lol

  5. Hi Dorrie ~ I'm sorry about Karen's Mom passing ~ but as you say..she's no longer suffering...prayers for you all ((Hugs)).....

    and I have just got back into blogging....and singing again, too. Like you, have not been in any kind mood for much.

  6. P.S. : I really like your page here...very nice job, Dorrie ! I just changed mine all around this afternoon.

  7. My heartfelt sympathies go out to Karen and to all those in your extended family, Dorrie.

    One Love.


  8. Prayers said for this family. I like this layout!

  9. thanks everyone!
    I can't take credit for the layout, it's one of blogger's own. I haven't worked on a layout in so long, I'm not sure I know how anymore! lol