Wednesday, December 8, 2010

more winter!!

the weather has been so crazy... it's really unbelievable. For the past weeks we've been having snowy/icy conditions. Last night after doing some more English exams, I drove home in pouring rain...which melted most of the snow. Today, it continued raining... and I mean RAINING! Tonight, on my way to dance class.... I left the house in pouring rain. Half way there it started turning to snow flakes.

Dance class last 1.5 hours. My car had disappeared under inches of snow!! I brushed it off and VERY slowly drove home. Luckily everyone (except one idiot... there is always one), also drove slowly.... and I made it safe and sound. It's a winter wonderland outside.... beautiful!! No idea if I'll be able to drive to work tomorrow, though.

In all my years in Germany, I have never experienced such a winter. Usually the snow days are short and few... or just ugly mushy (except in higher elevations, of course). But last season we had lots of snow ... and this year, too.

This picture I took the other day....

 I think the snow is much more then this, just within the past two hours!

This is our State theater, newly renovated.....

The lot the theater is built on there once existed a palace of one of Queen Victoria's granddaughters. Unfortunately the palace got destroyed in WWII.

Anyway, that's another look into Westy's World!



  1. I think it may snow here next week. It has been really cold, but before the snow gets here it is suppose too warm up to the 50's. Yes a strange winter already.

  2. Love the pictures. We are suppose to have more snow this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Hey I got that package ;) and THANK YOU so much for the music CD and card...I hope we have snow Christmas Eve...Love the pics!!!!

  4. Dorrie, is there some way you could email me the Post Cards from The road layout.

  5. And here we go again...MONDAY!!! Have a great day Dorrie!!!

  6. And here we are, complaining about rain. Snow is pretty to look at, but I only enjoy it from a long distance.

  7. Have you had anymore snow? We are well below freezing but no snow yet. Bundle up!